U K machines and dildos .

I have tried to contact the director and have had no luck but seeing members wanting more story lines and different content
would a film shot in the UK under Kinks directions be of interest I have just completed a new set but some of the machines
and short clips are available to view on my website at tormentorrubber.co.uk as a long term member of Kinks sites I would
be prepared to shoot a film for just a amount to cover costs of camera man and models. It would be a bonus for F/M members as I shoot in a different way and if you check out the machines the are very different as well. I let the site for economic reasons mainly but also it was getting repetitive with to much use of chopsaws although it has some fantastic models to compensate. jh/uk


  • The offer is still open the studio is finished plus another machine and story lines jh/uk
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