How do I introduce my boyfriend to my kink?

Hi everyone,
I'm new here and I've never really looked into my long time kinks until recently, and I'd really like to get my boyfriend involved but I don't know how. We're both 26 and we were long distance for about a year until I finally moved halfway across the world to be with him about 6 months ago. I'm into pet play and kitten play and I'd really like him to assume the role of my Owner. He knows I like to be spanked and choked and he occasionally pets me and scratches my chin which I love! Sometimes when I sass him he will spank me and tell me to behave which I also really love. I do have a collar but he never showed any interest in it or asked about it. I'm hoping that maybe if I explained my kink a little bit, he would start calling me a cute nickname (currently he doesn't really call me anything other than my name) and hopefully even assume the Owner role in daily life and be a bit more dominant towards me. Maybe I could even invest in ears and a leash but that's always been just wishful thinking for me! He seems to be displaying an inclination to my kinks without me even saying anything so I'm feeling very optimistic that he will at the very least react positively when I tell him!

But that's exactly my issue, I don't know how to tell him and he hasn't had a lot of experience with different girls and because of this I feel like he might not understand me or think I'm super weird although all I'd like is slightly more than what I'm already getting. I'd really like some tips on how to bring this up and what to say, it would be helpful to hear from you guys! Also I'd like to apologize if I've used any wrong terminology, like I say I'm new to accepting I even have a kink although I've had it for a very long time. Thanks heaps in advance!


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