Model request:Katharine Cane

Katharine Cane is hot and needs to be back on Device bondage, lovely to see more pictures from her again like this, this is so hot she needed that anal hook.


  • Second pic is Kristina Rose, not Katherine Cane. I would love to see Katherine Cane on DB!!! Make it so captain!
  • 3403837_9_o She loves it.
  • I'm pretty sure Kristina Rose is officially retired, and I believe Katherine has too. I'll check to verify
  • I think Miss Jade Indica also needs to be back on Device bondage. She is not retired yet, I hope. Plz do something to bring her back.
  • GREAT NEWS!!!!

    Katherine has not retired and is very interested in shooting DB again!! Keep your eyes peeled :)
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    YAY!!! She's one my favorites!
  • GREAT NEWS!!!!

    Katherine has not retired and is very interested in shooting DB again!! Keep your eyes peeled :)
    What about Miss Jade Indica. Plz let me know. She is another champion performer.
  • Watching someone who processes and eroticizes pain like Katharine Cane is positively intoxicating. I recently rejoined Device Bondage in part to see her shoots. Hearing that a future shoot with her may be on the way is an unexpected delightful surprise. There is nothing sexier than someone into the lifestyle being pushed their limits. Is Christmas here already?
  • Guess who I have on set today?! That's right..we have Katherine Cane!!!!!
  • I am so happy that Katharine Cane is back on Device Bondage. I know that you will challenge her and that the result will be an amazing scene. Can't wait to see it.
  • Yay! She's one of my favorites. I know she was interested in doing an FM shoot too. Hopefully she got to while at the armory. Hopefully Darling did a DB shoot while she was there. :)
  • I will tell you that this update will not disappoint! It was an amazing shoot!!!
  • JP_ThePope thanks for the heads up about Katharine Cane's shoot. Now I am even more excited to see what torturous fun was had. I know this shoot will build on the great chemistry you and she have demonstrated in the past. She is a true pain slut and you know how a pain slut should be rewarded.
  • JP_ThePope just watched the DB scene with Katharine Cane. It was too long between shoots but absolutely worth the wait. Katharine and you have great chemistry and have delivered another amazing, jaw dropping shoot. Can't wait to see the next scene between you and Katharine. Always good dirty fun.
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