Male & female slaves

It would be nice to see more male & female slaves being used together. I know that The Training of O features male "subs" sometimes but they don't get dominated very much, they are mostly normal porn actors wearing leather and masks. I think it would be nice to see more Upper Floor with male subs forced to fuck female subs (like the Princess Donna series) and sadistic games where slaves are tied together with toys or fucking each other and the first one to come gets punished or something like that. It would be nice to have nice dommes to order them around, it would make for good femdom.


  • I guess a kind of "sex & submission, couples edition".
  • Just married on vacation husband and wife kidnapped and sold as sex slaves.
  • I think a kind of "Sex & Submission, couples edition"

    That would be a good idea. I would be here. Immediately.
  • Yes to both Ideas, for SaS and especially TUF. As the current modus operandi on TUF being 2 female subs given to 1 dom "house Guest" man. This would bring some change. Even more so because ironically quite a lot of these male performers have been male subs before. But these Days are a bit longer behind, can´t imagine they. like Derrick Pierce or jack hammer would want to do that again.

    Which brings me to my own Suggestion: Female Subs for Divine Bitches. If in ToO why not in DB?? Why should a Femdom consider to give her body to male sub before she hasn´t seen what he can do to a female body. Or teach him on the sub how to touch a woman before the dom "risks" a bad touch on her own body. Or the Femdom uses the female sub to pleasure her to show the male how she wants to be pleased??
  • Those are all great ideas too! I don't know why there are so few of this kind of video online? I look everywhere and all I find is either the same 10 kink shoots or some bad quality amateur stuff where everyone is super old and awkward...
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  • So there's no sbit for the sub male...
  • I agree with Miss K!!!!!
  • ???????????? vietnam
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    I like to be a slave for a hung shemale that can fuck my brains out. I'm happy to suck her cock good for it and have her explore my tight ass.
  • looking for sub slave here
  • add me on skype mistressmay3
  • I'm new, just had my first bondage/CBT experience and LOVED IT! I am gay. I want to learn more techniques to do for myself and others. I welcome ANY suggestions. Are there any starter videos? Can someone skype with me so I can learn (not sex)? Anyone near Chattanooga, TN who wants to teach/play? I'm OK if a female wants to teach me, but I am gay. Contact me.
  • Pick a thread to put your stuff on...don't use all of them...that's considered spamming and will get you dropped...
  • thats a good idea for slaves to have a partner while they are detained with a master or mistress joecand :)>-
  • Could i send my wife to get this kind of training?
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