Raw fotage

Why is it not posible to watch the raw fotage ?


  • Unfortunately, the Raw Footage section of the Upper Floor site is currently experiencing technical problems. The tech team is aware of this issue. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  • Still no raw footage. But i pay the same Price and only get half the side. And When i live in Europe ilts not posible for me to watch the live show because og the time difference.
  • I just joined pretty much to download the raw footage so that's a bummer it does not look like it can be downloaded anyway so live and learn I guess the rest of the site is awesome so I am not completely down but would be cool to have that footage thanks
  • can we get a update on this it sucks that the raw footage is the first thing w see when the site pops up but its been down since ive been a member kind of false adv just make content downloadable it will cost you nothing but time
  • @kink_tech_support any updates on the technical problems?
  • Sorry everybody, this is not something that has been fixed yet.
  • I was told it is no longer a part of the subscription
  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • I'd pay extra for access to large amounts of raw photo footage (screencaps).
  • The idea is you are a guest of Sir Peter. When you watch TUF live you feel like you are in that room.
  • I would be willing to renew my subscription, if I could get the live raw stream
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