Suggestions for some singles matches

Hi Ariel & Members,

I have the following suggestions for singles matches:

Holly Heart vs Wenona ( I remember Ariel said in the last MILF shoot that she would love to see these ladies go 1-1)

Angel Allwood vs Karmen Karma ( They did a tag match and looked superhot)

Angel Allwood vs Alice Frost ( Battle of the busty blondes are always fans delight)

I hope folks would love to see these ladies rolling on the mats.


  • Angel Allwood vs. Alice Frost was suggested already one year ago. Last comment was 17 days ago in this forum.
  • What about cherry torn and Kelli lox
  • They aren't on the roster yet are the??
  • edited May 2016
    What about cherry torn and Kelli lox
    Cherry Torn in a 'scripted fantasy feature match' is a dream cummmmm tru....

    doubt she would be interested in a 'non-scripted' contest...

    but(npi/pi) a good request regardless....

    ......Have-Fun .... Play-Safe .... Enjoy ... KINK-ON.....
  • Annie Cruz vs Mia Li would make the Asian-girl-lovers happy.
  • Karmen Karma has retired from wrestling. To bad she was very hot. Hard to come up with matches because they quit so fast. Mia Li vs Lea Lexis could be intresting after there hot scene rom other site. Mimosa vs Mia Li also and La diabla vs Mia Li.
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