Hello, got just a question about the content.

I like:

Slow exposure/ stripping in ropes
Shibari/ Kinbaku style
Penetration (e.g. dildo) in ropes

I don't like

Blue tits
Red and tortured skin
Brutal sadistic action

So Hogtied is (mostly) my piece of cake...?
Can't really tell, in the previews the women are nude, but
you can also see rare photos where women are clothed in bondage.




  • It's a mix of all of that. We are the biggest rope bondage website on the internet and have a lot of members to please, so we mix it up. Sometimes it's lots of intricate rope work with orgasms, and other times it's classic bondage positions with brutal torture. I will say that there is a equal mix of it all with 15 years of content, so I'm sure there's something here for you.
  • We love all of the work JP does here!
  • Mr. Pope is tremendous!
  • edited January 2016

    yes indeed, AND its always kink-tastic when the different Directors/Models/...etc.. at KINK make posts in the Forums ....
    We very much enjoy having the opportunity to engage with them as well as the information they supply.......
  • Ok, so tyvm for your detailed answer, I think I'll try hogtied...


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