Seduced into bound submission.

As I lay naked on my back MM binds my arms into cuffs connected to ropes strung through pulleys prepared for my suspension, I realize how helpless I am. MM continues I quickly become subdued with sexual desire as MM seductively beckons my rock hard cock towards her inviting curves. The slack in the rope pulls tight causing my arms to sprawl out as she seductively glides her sexy bod past my cock and mounts my torso while massaging my chest and shoulders and gently teases my nipples with her soft hands. You like that don't you she asks, yes, I reply as she sharply slaps my tits with both hands making them sting then caresses them like breasts. “You know you like it when I play with those little tittles”, slap! My chest stings as she caresses the burn with her soft palms towards my nipples. “You’re a filthy little slut” SLAP! “you’re kind of a flat chested little slut” MM says while massaging my breasts. “They are cute little whore tits” SLAP! She slides here soft breasts back and forth across mine, stimulating our hard nipples. “I can see you like that, you are a horny little slut”. y Yes I resultantly reply, “Yes what”? Yes Mistress, I am your horny little slut. It turns me on, I feel like a whore in heat when you play with my titties. She smothers my mouth with her tits and I feel the pressure in my rock hard cock. “If you had breasts like this you wouldn't be able to stop playing with them”. “You will obey my command like a good little flat chested slut”. Yes Mistress, “As if you have a choice at this point. I am sensually hypnotized as she shifts her alluring hips around while spreading wide her beautiful ass crack with her hands and plants her asshole firmly against my lips. “You will worship my ass and pussy with pleasure while I slip this corset up around your girl tits and pretty you’re asshole up with these sexy fishnets and garter belt”. I began to tremble at the realization that I was now a helpless sissy slut. I was calmed by the scent of the sweetly perfumed attire. As I focused my attention on the sweet pussy I was pleasuring I became one with the pussy edging her into begging for more while I embrace my imagination with what I am now bound to. MM quickly and deliberately stands up and steps just out of my site and I see my slutty attire just begging to get boned my pelvis to tremble. I hear what sounds like a pump behind me as MM presses perfectly rounded suction cups snuggly past my breastless corset. As the suction increased my skin swelled into boobs. “It fits perfectly”, don’t fight the feeling just give in”. Thank you MM. I am oddly turned on. “I made you my dirty whore I can see your feminine side taking over”. Lift your sexy legs up spread them and beg me to make you my sexy bitch with your ass hole”. She spanks my ass hard a few times, “higher”, SLAP!, “hold it right there”, “I said hold it”, SLAP!,” now spread your legs wide and beg me to fuck you with tour tits and ass. She slides a fishnet stocking past my ankle followed with a stout leather ankle cuff. “Hold your ass up and keep your slutty legs spread” as she slides on the other stocking and fastens the other ankle cuff. “Now lift your ass up high, all the way up”. She ties a carebeaner to each rope and hooks them to the leg cuffs then ties up the other end past the pulleys to cleats on the wall. Now relax your legs against the rope but keep your legs spread open. She pulls up my stockings and attaches garters and teases my balls a little and starts to massage lube around my asshole. “See, you are starting to beg for it already”. MM steps through my spread legs and slides her ass down my thighs, her hips press my legs even further apart. She adjusts my corset into place. It surrounds my suctioned boobs very nicely. She slides her wet pussy down more stretching my legs apart and slides her wet pussy up and down my swollen shaft. She reaches around and pulls my ass checks apart and slides my cock balls deep inside her and parks it. She caresses my lips and neck down my shoulders and around my breasts in admiration. Are you going to be a good little bitch? Yes MM. And what does a good little bitch want? I want sex, I want to fuck. What do you want to fuck? she asks as she starts to massage lube around my ass. I want to please you Mistress I am submit to your will I say as she reveals her dong to me. It was enormous; I began to be afraid that I was not going to be able to please my Mistress. I want to hear you beg for this giant cock. Yes Mistress, I want your cock, I want it deep in my ass. I want to fuck your cock like a nasty slut. Good! Suck my cock beg for it with your mouth,. Convince me you love cock, suck it good while I put your cock cage on. It took a little while for her to slide the cage rod into my urethra, once shut I felt complete all dressed up tits and all. You are a slut, she said. You will do as I say if you want to please me now worship my pussy while I get you ready I have something special planned for you being the cock loving slut you are. As I worked my Mistress's sweet ass and pussy with my slut mouth she began to work her dong into my ass nice and gently. She jiggled my ass checks as she loosened me up and slowly worked my ass open. Once it was all the way in she closed my corset flap to hold it in and told me to thrust and wiggle my hips and fuck that dong while she got me ready. She released the carebeaners and flipped me over, spread my legs, attached a spreader bar, tied my ankles to my thys, and asked me if I was ready for my surprise., Yes Mistress please , I replied as I heard what sounded like four or five sets of footsteps coming towards me. Yes, footsteps, high heels. The footsteps stopped behind me and I felt the ropes beginning my body up suspended. The ropes stopped and two very sexy, well dressed ladies stood in front of me. Careful what you wish you might just get it MM said as She pulled the breast suction cups off revealing some sweet purple boobs hanging down. Two of the mystery ladies began to jiggle and slap my boobs while my ass was being lubed up by what felt like four hands or more. The two ladies massaging my tits pull there dresses down start feeling up each other. They began to increase their sexual energy My mistress slides her dong out smearing lube while teasing my ass hole. Do you like that cock, I want to hear you say it I love it I want more please I beg you fuck me like the slut I am. The two ladies playing with my titties slid there dresses all the way off and started massaging my back and ass while my Mistress teased my ass with her strap-on cock, are you ready for your surprise? Yes I want to fuck your cock. The two ladies plus three more stand in front of me. I am amazed at how attractive they are then I saw the surprise. They were all sporting rock hard cocks and tits. Now it’s time for the real thing it feels even better. With KINK L-)


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    Unless I have it wrong, sounds like your fantasy surprise ending is getting "real" penis penetrated by she males? If so count me out. Strap-on by gorgeous women is enough for my imagination if not ass. It sounds like something for the new Cuckold Kink Site MM is planning.
  • Yes I think you are right, she told the others "he wants cock" anothor quietly sugested that the real thing feels better. Its the only solution I could come up with.
  • Did you say someone said "the real thing feel better"? That is definitively not a BDSM dominatrix classic fantasy, as the guy would be getting sexual pleasure from a Man on Man relationship, thus that belongs with one of the gay web link here as DiB is about female supremacy not guys getting pleasure from guys. Well I will waste no more time on this discussion you are simply at the wrong Kink site posting try - Bound Gods or something else.
  • No wonder the one I was refering to is no longer on DB I just don't get it, I started out watching lesbian porn because of not wanting to see the guy, then got into watching lesbian fem dom to fantising of being the one dominated a way of conveying my atraction into some sort of role I developed an atraction to fetishing over moral decancy and primal attraction of D/s Mistress worship. So none of it is real. Watching the Bitches Dominating a man is feeding you're TS attraction no matter how you look at it.
  • Helisha; I just noticed your awesome posts. And having a T-Girl join in a Femdom scene doesn't deserve a gay label on it. Straight guys having fantasies about hot sexy T-Girls/Shemales dominating and fucking them is classified as fetish. I've never been with a shemale but have fantasied about it numerous times.
  • Yes so hot mmm
  • Yes please tie me up.
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