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Hi Kink-fans and crew,

I am new to this forum so maybe is this post on the wrong page.
Public Disgrace is one of my favourite Kink site i enjoy it very much.
So i have some ideas about a shoot, something i would like to see in Public Disgrace.

I would like to see 2 slave girls performing together in 1 movie.
And i would like to see 1 girl with a very dark skin and one with a very light/white skin.
Sounds stupid but i like the contrast between the 2 bodies.

My second idea for a shoot is an female slave bound in public.
Of course she is bound totally naked, everybody may see or touch her.
She may be blindfolded....sounds good to me.
After a few minutes should the mistress, mona wales or princess donna, give a stranger an shaver.
With this shaver must the stranger shave the head of the female slave. Only both sides of the head to the back.
When this is happened let the female slave look at the result.
After a short walk trough the city the female slave must find a stranger.
An stranger who is willing to shave her head so that she will be completly bold.
She will have a nice shining head completly without hair.
Sounds fun to me :-)

Kind regards,

An huge fan of PD


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    Kinky greetings to u Klootzak001,

    sounds doable....
    the head shave was popular when KINK hosted KINK-LIVE for its cam-Models
    there were a few Chat members who offered great sums of money to have them shave their heads....i dont see those kinky chatters much any more (but i dont watch the same KINK Cam-Models as much as many of them arent on the same channel as when KINK had them b4 KINK out-sourced the Daily KINK-Live cam-shows....)
    the rest of what u ask would be within the realm of what KINK is offering....
    in fact some has been .....

    your posting seems it is in the correct venue....

    and feel free to continue with 'any' kinky - bent - knotted suggestions u may wish to have discussed.....

    ...Have-Fun ...... Play-Safe ...... Enjoy ...... KINK-ON.....
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  • Thanks guys for your reaction to my post :-)
  • I remember one head shave a long time ago on one of the "partner" sites...
  • @hotblondenurse....yes...that was on Mei Mara.....very good shoot!!
  • And Alani pi did such a shoot.....for Kink.
  • I think I saw the one with Alani...
  • I want to share two ideas that I think only PD Europe can do... But I want to start with a business model idea that I think might go great with kink-dollars and will create faster feedback loop with subscribers.
    the idea is simple "Public Disgrace Kickstarter" a page where people can vote with kinkdollars on what the next shoot should be. The ideas can be sketched out using some free 3d software like poser.
    anyways the idea for the shoot.
    the idea is for two or one models, if two the models can compete in a way.
    the first part the model is dressed. Her challenge is to come up to tourists and guess something about them. If she guesses wrong the Dom or the tourists have to punish her by destroying an item of her clothing. When she is fully exposed she has to ask passersby for directions to the busiest intersection. Once there she has to find someone who will let her give them a blowjob right on the street. She can say it is part of her masters research paper on social sciences. If she can't find anyone an actor steps in to save her. Then she is handcuffed to a lamp pole and the key to her freedom is in a capsule which is then put into her vagina. Next to her is a marker. When people ask what is going on, she answers she lost a bet and if someone wants to they can write or draw anything they want on her but she would appreciate if they took the key out of her pussy and freed her.
    random I know but I like it.
    with two models (slaves) same but the competition is which will get handcuffed first.
    then she can be rewarded with a sex in a club scene.
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    Mona a few weeks back was looking for ideas/suggestions...etc...
    your 2nd part would fit that and be in good probable chance column (imko)
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  • That one works!
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  • see Miss K...simple, direct and effective plot line...easy to do...she could be taken into the library too and use the same plot line...Mona could pull her in and tell everyone that MONA is working on her research and here is her subject...then bang bang!
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  • I guess that's true Miss Mona could be in charge and...say Marica Hase as the subject???
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  • I'm just glad to generate a conversation on new ways to make models engage the audience in a kind of low pressure way. Something if the scene is to intense, you see people actually trying to dart out of the way. And I'm sure if the model (slave) is an exhibitionist she will want more interaction and trying to seduce the guys. And the scientific research is a funny opener because it frames it in a morally upright situation... Isn't it our duty to help improve society through science? How could anyone refuse that?
  • I'll also add that I like the library idea. In fact once the slave runs out of clothing she can ask for directions to a university library. Then she would have to talk to the university security and convince them that it is for research and the professor has already approved it. And then approach people studying in the library, to get a bukkake group.
    then when she is handcuffed she is covered in cum on her face and some differential calculus questions written in marker on her naked body....
  • How about a game of thrones style shaming! When cersei was shaved head-to-toe and forced to walk naked through a crowd that was yelling at her while the septa rang a bell and yelled "shame shame shame" to make her walk even more unbearable lol I was so turned on during that scene because the actress has a perfect body and she was so humiliated she started to cry. Look the scene up on YouTube not only is it hilarious because she is a whore getting what she deserves but also its worth a wank ;)
  • Hi, I'm an italian woman. My English is not perfect so be patient with me.
    I'd like videos (I love "public disgrace") more innovative.
    I'd like a video with a model (Cassandra Cruz, Zenza Raggi, or.. ) dragged in chains in front of a group of young girls (+18) and then humiliated with spits on her ass kept open by hands (a similar moment is in a video: Aug 28, 2009 -
    Hot Euro slut gets tied up and fucked for the first time!!!! with Leo Galvez, Samy).

    If the model is a mature woman it would be better. I love this contrast.. mature woman humiliated in front of young, very young girls o guys. Naked and submissive with very youg folks. A similar idea is in "Nov 28, 2008 - Euro babe gets tied up and exposed to a field of soccer players totall...more with Carmen Blue".

    A GloryHole final with very young guys and a mature woman.
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