my cuckold dream

start out with a bdsm scene heavy on cbt/ball busting/ cock whipping. Next scene would be at a gay bar, Mistress would strap me to a pooltable on the rails so my balls are hanging one of the corner pockets and have to gay men play for my virgin ass, winner takes my ass over the pool table,after witch Mistress offers my mouth to anyone who wishes to use it. Final scene Mistress has a couple lovers cum over, tortures me in front of her lovers she fucks them ass many times as they can have me with my ball tied to a bungy cord made to strain my balls to clean the cum off her body to clean up for the next guy and finally made to jake off on Mistresses feet and lick it up in front of everybody. Mistress should also be mature


  • Sounds like an awesome way to spend a coupla hours! Let us know if you pull it off! I love to help but I'm a dude! Hehe....and got body hair so noooooo mistaking it! Good luck my fellow kink artist! And a pool table for that endeavour is not something I could find easily hehe.

    Peace n happiness Ludo
  • hi sounds nice bull here and looking to play get back to me nyc area or long island i am real
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