Looking for ONLINE Male Slave (Serious Female Mistress From Australia)

Hey guys, so I am on here... LOOKING FOR A SLAVE....

STOP! Hammer time... No but seriously, before you decide you'd like to apply, there are some things you need to know.

- I am looking for a long-term relationship, for a slave that'll be willing to commit their life to me (That is all aspects that I wish to control).

- I have a webcam, camera on my phone and microphone.

- I will take both beginner and experienced slaves.

- Fill in the application when applying, I won't reply if you aren't going to be serious.

About me..

Well... My name is Jessica, I currently reside in New South Wales (That's Australia btw) and I turned 20 in November. I am working as a personal trainer for athletes in my region and am looking to return to university to study law and arts. I've been a mistress for almost 2 years and am interested in the idea of females owning males. Over that period of time, I have had a few long term subs, but the relationships have had to end due to the time the slave had available. Through other sites similar to this, I was directed here, to see if I can find what I am looking for!

Likes and Dislikes

These can vary depending on my mood, but some things I look for when deciding on the right slave for me are...
That they are into:
Extreme Pain. *
Body Writing.
Complete control of social life.
Public. *
Blood *
Piss and Scat. *
Permanent damage. *
Burning and Cutting Private Parts *

* = Things I look for especially.

If you're a male that is any age, that is serious about serving a mistress 24/7, has few limits (and you're willing to try everything once), enjoys those likes of mine that are marked with an asterisk, wants to give up control and most importantly enjoys serving those superior to you... Then please go ahead and fill in the following questions below so I can know you a little better and send it to me either...

*On this site through PM.
On skype, my username is: Jess_Spanker
On snapchat, my username is: Jess_Spanker
*On kik, my username is: Jess_Spanker
(* = Preferred methods of contact)

Questions for slave app.
Full name:
Ultimate fantasy:
A list of your limits:
A list of your likes:
One thing you've never tried but you'd like to:
A reason as to why I should train you as my slave:


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