??? US members in Canada ???

Winnipeg or [southern Manitoba]...??? any US members in the area...??? would love to bring you to 'orgasm[s]'...!


  • Disappointed in 0 results to date - I guess i'll just need to begin a clandestine 'pr' campaign to promote this delicious site in my area! This is too good for 'Kinky' 'Peggers & 'Tobans to miss out on...!!!
  • Are we that 'boring'... come'on people [if you are out there]...?!?!
  • Ok - so what is the best way to promote 'KINK' [and especially US] to the general public? Social media 'hits' pointing the direction? got to find / develop some Kinky members in the middle of the continent...!!!
  • Finding it 'fun' to intro 'U/S' to younger horny women [and feels good toooo! - Those looking for a different arrousal...! Glad to do this for others, just say hi...! 'Kink On', Kinksters...!
  • I can only imagine the 'exstacey' of a forced 'ootm' that a young women would feel...! Contact the writer to explore the possibility in Wpg...!
  • OK fellow 'Canucks'...! an older central Canada guy looking for some mixed 'grapplin' excitement...! Say hi and we can go from there...! temp yesterday -42c [or f]; not so bad today -23]... :)
  • So the temp in January 'scared' you - well it's exactly the opposite today @ +23c... say hi and lets wrestle...
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