1st timer Black sub slave boy Serveing Dominate White (Cowboy) Master

We met on 1-888-mega mates CM #4648 claims to have had several slave boys before me# 4646 (toeboy). I've got no problem dominating chicks, never been into dicks unless um on the shit. Off the shit I flip strickly clit aggressive dominate bout it but only when had too. So I'm gonna go thru a phase real quick. Juss recently last date a (Dom) mega mates #1740 got me feeling sum type of way....? Why? Nobody ever meets & greets except me date same date from a few years ago same leather & fanticy freak show with one exception I wasn't exsepcting, an ASS MASTER...... Don't no how feel about it (being called his cock sucker nigger & much mo) with his precious cock forced down my throat. Loved Every Inch Of It again.... I'm afraid to for date #3 cause for me this it something I've never had the courage to do... The Triple B fantasy #1.Blind fold, Ball Gaged, BOUND I've done two but not all three. Tell ya the truth rite now 7:11am OKC. OK don't no what to think.....

I no every has a purpose
All I got to do is follow thru from with who & where (Habbana Inn 1st audience /when 02

I fell in love with Kink for sure in 99 Frist time I seen the magazine HUSTLER'S TABOO

I years of short stories not 1 finished...... I realize now none r finished wasn't the end its a NEW BEGINING


  • The Truth the simple truth........ 12 o'clock midnight this morning I realized a few things about me (hold I gotta talk CM ) no pick up) & even if he did I'm functioning physically & mentally poor 11:49am.......... 12:10 phone rings, but I choose not to pick up (why?) Can't freely speak character/flip 20min ago..... I no all I need is a lil bit 12:35 let me call 12:37 12:40-12:48 ------- fantasy/reality. 12:55 now but rang 5 min. ago guess who? New chic I neglected two days ago.... 1:10 i'll call her back. What I want is to do sleep, not gonna happen. In that sleep talk voice said I'd call back in a few hr's. gives me time to think about it.. Oh the it the list to the left Kink Communities.... friends I see only me CM SOB!!! LMAO !!!
  • He's not pleased either of the two I dunno wat to do? What'll u think they'll do. I'll let u all no after the next public act (Park Fantasy)
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