Ariel x v syd

this has probably been on a few times before but I just wanted to find out if there is any possibility of a re-match


  • As far as I know Syd is at present not wrestling just acting as a very good stand in ref jh/uk.
  • from another Thread Ariel confirmed what R1YAM states
    ....Syd has retired from shooting adult content and will not perform, She will guest ref......
    unless something has changed or will -its doubtful that Syd would be seen other than what we see of her now....

    However, Ariel is very very creative...wouldnt be surprised to see a fulfilling scenario that would be equal to the thrill of a such a match ...even if Syd cannot..... :-?
  • Syd must have some interest in wrestling again, or she wouldn't be back as a referee.
    If you hang around a barbershop long enough, eventually you'll get a haircut!
  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • I already asked Syd about her possible prospects back to u/s as fighter. She gave me clearly to understand that this is not expected. She is quite pleased that is the special referee for some matches.
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