New female submissive here, looking for videos


I am just starting to explore this part of myself. I've heard that is a more reputable BDSM porn site and tends to be more female-friendly than many. I was wondering if you guys had any titles that might appeal more to a female viewer, or display the female perspective. Most of the Male Dom/Fem Sub BDSM clips I've come across focus pretty much entirely on the girl's face and body getting penetrated by disembodied cocks which does nothing to me. Wondering if anyone has suggestions or recommendations where I can look. Thanks! :)


  • Welcome. You said "guys," so I'm chiming in. It's not just what would appeal to a female viewer, I think; it's what would appeal to each person in general. I wrote a fairly extensive list of my favorite clips, and it not only listed what videos I liked, but why I liked them. Many female viewers posted their favorites as well. It's under a thread called "Kink's Best Shoots - Post Your Favorites," which is at the bottom of page 1 of the General forum. If you want me to send you the list as a message, just message me privately. I hope you find videos you enjoy.

  • You need to have a conversation with Kim (Kimberly556) and Chatty (hotblondenurse)...

    they've got extensive experience here and in the subject you're exploring...They've commented on the thread our friend Shumashu talks about in his post...
  • the Sabrina Fox-Mark Davis episode on Sex and Submission has what you are looking for, I think. some of the lesbian bondage sites (Whipped Ass is my favorite) also have some of the kind of scenes you describe.
  • Can you let us know what your looking for in shoots? G-G or B-G...perhaps something from The Training of O sites?
    If you give more info, we can help you more...
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  • Hi candy would you be willing to be my little sex slave? I'm new here and would love to train you and also learn myself
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