being forced into a car at night

I have a fantasy about going for a walk at night along a dimly lit street.a car pulls up and 2 men drag me into it,blindfold me,gag me and start to remove my clothes as the car drives off...I am groped and fingered until the car stops.i am taken out of the car and into the night air where I am bent over a wooden picnic table and feel hard cock slam into my pussy...cock is now in my mouth and I am being fucked from both ends not knowing who these men are...there is no talk just groping and fucking for a long time,,i feel a change of cocks many times and im not sure how many men are there...
it is daybreak when I am dropped off near my home to walk the walk of shame home


  • I have this fantasy as well.
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  • it is...this could be on one of the GB sites though...
  • I Like Ur Fantasy, wish I could help!

  • FYI you
    can prety much google anything now days , There are people that you can pay to kidnapp you Yes its true there actually are profeshonal kidnapping services . Im not going to post links but it should be easy enough to google . There are even some you tube videos on it They are very expensive and they don't provide any sort of rape, they will however slap your face and yell at your if your into that and you can get kidnapped by both men or women. or both your choice .
    maybe I dont know . see if they could make some aragements with some male escorts or something Im shure if people are willing to get hired for kidnapping you could find somone to hire to help act out your fantasy . all somone would need would be a car and a private place with a wooden picnic table . you can usally get those tables at hardware stores in the summer .
    Other than that i maybe . get a profile on fet life (its like facebook for kiny people) to see if you can find people who might help you.
    lots of kinky people conect on fetlife

    For example the people int vampireism " drinking another persons blood "as a sexual turn on The vampires have group on fet life .links to a websight where you can regester as a blood doner if your into that .

    I have never used the kidnapping service or registerd to be a blood doner for the vampires Just not something im into however i respect others right to there kinks and fetishes . but I can not tell you about the above mentiond servicesand social links this is for your information olny .

  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • Could you guys please get Big Daddy at the end of a bed. Connor
    Mcguires feet are at the bottom and Big daddy come with his dick
    opens the covers at the end of the bed. He gets a huge sticky
    bottle of thick lube glides and slides connors feet sensually and
    sexually. Big daddy then devours connors toes and perhaps other
    guys could join him in bed for the ultimate kink men footjob
    nightime bed intruder hot pa
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