Exam trainings at TTOO ?

Dear everyone,

I think it would be great and fantastic to see generell by each trainee a rough medical checkup at TTOO.
What is your opinion about exam trainings at TTOO?

For example protocol for medical checkup trainings at TTOO:
# masturbating trainings
# fingering trainings
# licking trainings
# speculum exam trainings
# dildo trainings
# cock sucking and fucking trainings
# strapon sucking and fucking trainings
# ball sucking trainings
# vaginal and anal trainings

on a gyno chair or and a gyno exam table in the positions #2, #3, #4, #11.
Please see also: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CH08MtKVEAAAtcj.jpg:large










Thank you very much indeed.

All the best
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Have a very nice time
SirMastermind Peter


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    Obviously there should be exam for how to live in cage, receiving shocks in pussy, how to behave like a chained dog. If there is less marks, there should be more punishment. The slaves should try best to get good marks from her trainer, Otherwise she should receive severe punishment.
  • I am in agreement hat the trainees should be put thogh s physical exam before they start training, something like wired pussy first gyno jealyn fox and harmony rose. Maybe the trainees could be examined by to hot bond then the trainer comes in to collect her and take her where ever.
  • Indeed, also I will love to see stethoscope check up as well and the use of the Hitachi and erosciallator.
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