Whipped Ass scene idea


I have an idea for a scene that would be perfect for the whipped ass site. This is quite a big site, so if there are any scenes with a similar premise, I would appreciate it if you could point them out.

A lot of the lezdom videos seem to revolve around some form of premeditated revenge/comeuppance. I would love to see something without that concept. I am thinking of a more spontaneous scenario, such as one woman seeing an opportunity, and caving into her lust.

A small script to give a better idea of what I mean...

Scene notes:
A sleepover between two friends. Innocent fun night, messing around on the bed, pinning each other down etc. Girl 1 gets the better of Girl 2, pinning her down to tickle her. Girl 2 gets exhausted and Girl 1 says she'll go get some water.

Girl 1 returns a few minutes later with a hand full of ties/scarf/nylons/any soft ties.
Girl 2 has rolled over to rest and doesn't see Girl 1 coming.
Girl 1 jumps on her and despite the fun struggle Girl 2 loses and finds herself with her hands tied behind her back and her ankles bound.
Girl 1 says 'so you want a tickle fight do you?'
Girl 2 realises the trouble she is in and struggles to break free.
Girl 1 climbs on top of her and tickles her body.
Girl 2 finally curls onto her side to limit the tickling.
Girl 1 realises Girl 2s feet are exposed and kisses and licks them! This makes Girl 2 laugh even more! Girl 2 tells girl 1 she is disgusting
Girl 1 sits off for a moment and Girl 2 thinks the ordeal is over.
Girl 1 cant help but look at her bound friend and her figure hugging clothing. She starts the tickle assault again, but this time she seems to want to caress and slowly work her way around more sensitive parts of Girl 2, she tickles her bum, tries to get between her knees to tickle her vagina.
Girl 2 goes from giggling and laughing to nervous laughter and saying 'No no not there Girl 1!' Girl 1 can feel herself getting wet! Girl 1 tries to control herslef and says she will cut her out and says 'I'll go and get some scissors!'
Girl 1 comes back in and tells Girl 2 she has found scissors and says 'Sit up! I'll get you out'. Behind her back she doesn't have any scissors but her knickers!
She gags Girl 2 with another bit of scarf/nylon. She wastes no time now in stripping Girl 2 of. She loves Girl 2s ass and gropes and kisses it.
Girl 1 is possessed! She rolls Girl 2 over, and plants kisses all over her! Kissing and sucking, worshipping her tits, sucking them etc.
Eventually Girl 1 makes her way down to Girl 2s pussy, groping and fingering, before sliding in for a taste. This isn't enough for Girl 1, she finds a strap on in her drawer and puts it on.
She moves back over to Girl 2 who looks worried, she lifts Girl 2s legs in the air and takes her. Thrusting until she cant take anymore.


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