New to the life

I'm a 24 y/o female, new to both submissive play and sex in general (ok, haven't actually had sex yet, but working up to it). I'm in a long distance relationship with a dominant man, and we are exploring the D/s life. We both like anal play, mild bondage, oral, role play, among other things. Currently we are talking about submissive headspace, and how to separate our play from normal life. Our recent online sessions have involved toys, commands, a gag, and will soon involve sub jewelry. How can I better get into subspace, and what are some accessories/positions/commands that are good for a beginner?


  • FIRST...make sure you understand roles:
    Sub: Please their partner
    DOM: PROTECT THE SAFETY OF THEIR PARTNER...FIRST - LAST AND ALWAYS...understand that or run away fast...
  • I've done both been a sub and a dominatrix for some time. While I enjoy both I prefer the submissive role. Being a sub takes a lot of trust. Be sure you trust the one your allowing to dominate you. Safety first. Though it is fun and enjoyable it can be dangerous. Keep safety in mind. Make a safe word, and make sure that you both have an understanding and agreement as to what is ok and what is too much. Basically you will fall into the sub role if your really into it.
  • my first live real experience with a woman that acted out the dom role for me saidn that very same does take a lot of trust just to even tell someone that your into it..,.cause believe me i had one girl that i thought i could trust ...say first off i was a sikko for liking any of it and two wouldnt have any part and cause i i just nsaid ok and left it at that and went on to try and find my dream come true in leather....she went and told all kinds of people in mt circles that i was into it....but i dont care ....when i see video of the guy sucking one giant strapon and another ramming in him over and over ....i get real jealous! cause im betting iyts different than when i do it to mysel
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