Is Public Disgrace Illegal?

Because the Kids outdoor to and they (maybe) see it

Is that not Illegal? I dont know..


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  • In SF probably anything goes...and I'm pretty sure they keep the children out of the way...
  • So that explains why you choose your location for the sex part of the shoots out of the way. Though I'm sure in Europe you do it outdoors like parks and walkways, even full public transport. How do you asses risk of fines? Or is it just a small payment considering exchange rates?

  • Princess Donna used to say it was easier to 'film' in Europe outdoors than USA...less complicated to receive permissions and know what was allowed...etc...
  • If a woman is naked in public in the USA this is called indecent exposure. If a policeman sees her, he will give her a ticket and she will pay a fine. She will be required to cover herself immediately. I suppose if she does this in Canada the cop will let her off with a warning but she will have to put clothes on immediately.
    This may not be the same in Europe, but in America there was something called the Comstock act many years ago and many of the laws written concerning things like this are still on the books.
    In the 1970s there was something called streaking. People were naked and running. The police would usually not run after them or shoot them because they didn't want to be part of the show these idiots were putting on.
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  • i dont know where but i know alot of european countries it isn't illegal for being in public like.....
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