Pink! always Pink!

where did the old pages go?

have to find the new pages, and suck and see...

who knows where it will end?


  • it certainly continued today!
    for twenty whole minutes
    and 28 - or was it more? orgasms!
    and on...
    until everyone was VERY satisfied!
    so why weren't you there?
  • Wow. Hadn't seen these before. Super Pink indeed.
  • she always is!
  • An important communique for soldiers of Pink's Army from Ariel X at Ultimate Surrender:

    "here is the tentative update Schedule for January..."

    1-23 Mona Wales vs Pink ( Pink is a real amazon...can she crush Mona?)
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    Pink Fans!! -- Friday is the planned release date for her first appearance on Ultimate Surrender as Wonder Pink against Mona Wales!! Be sure to watch it and either private message her on Kink Live to congratulate her (whether she wins or not!), or stop by one of her Friday afternoon/evening shows. She will definitely appreciate it!!! Even her opponent offered her big props the day of the shoot!!

    Awesome job @Super_Pink_XXX on @Ultim8Surrender I'm super sore!!!

    — Mona Wales (@MonaWalesXXX) December 15, 2014
  • Pink's first Ultimate Surrender is out and she looked fantastic!! Go watch it now!!
  • And here are some caps from the shoot :)

    Mona and Pink Shots - 3
    Mona and Pink Shots - 2
    Mona and Pink Shots - 1
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    its always KINKY good to know these girls are willing to go 'ALL-IN' and no matter how it ENDS -UP they want more & more & MORE.....
    thnx PINK and all the other KINK Models that lay-it on the 'mat' for our Kinky gratification....

  • Right? I don't know if you were already a fan of Pink's, but keep an eye on her if you aren't already gatormanx. She rocks. (As if you couldn't tell that I'm a fan.) :)
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    she qualifies in my book of great kinky models who really enjoy being KINKy
    so yes, she brings a TON of 'sexcitement' to U-S (imo)

    hopefully she can have a go at Lea-Lexis and/or Cheyenne that would be a great Lezbo happening.. for my tastes...... battling brunettes(well until they chg up their hair) complete my fascination with girls who arent afraid to grapple with each others vulnerable weaknesses....
  • Let's keep letting Ariel X know :)
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    ohh Ariel knows - she luvs satisfying everyone's kinky appetites...
    not only knows butttt knows how.......(imo) whether she is Director or Model....Domme/sub-slave....
    it would be great to see what goes on BEHIND the scenes when Ariel gives the girls a 'work-out' to see if they are tough enuff able to compete on the grueling not so very 'friendly'
    mat of 'HARD KNOCKS'....Ariel no doubt will give us a peek now that she is Director of EB...
    maybe .... just maybe....
  • Oh dearest Pink fans...if you haven't seen it yet, you don't know what you are missing...

    Pink is on Electrosluts!!!



    You have to see this. Mona is so fantastic with her. Go watch it.

    And when you're done, drop by Pink's room, and even if she's not there, send a message to her telling her what you think of the shoot. She needs to hear from us!!! You can get to her Kink Live room at this link:
  • It would have been nice for me to include a link to the shoot, huh?
  • Another Pink shoot dropped today. She showed a ton of improvement over her last Ultimate Surrender match with Mona.

    You can get to it here:
    And her prior shoot with Mona Wales Here:

    Here are some stills from the new shoot:




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