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IT's basically become just a sexandsubmission site. I miss the golden era with Amber Rayne, Bobbi Starr, Berlin etc. Recently got a 1 month membership just because my HD crashed and I loss my collection from the real TTOO days. IMO they should just shut the site down and have 2 updates for SAS.


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    I feel *exactly* the same way. Been an on-off Kink subscriber for 8 years and adored so many of those shoots. It's just not the same now. Those classic shoots (Bobbi, Tawni, Amber Rayne, Devi, Berlin, and many others) were awesome. Best off subscribing to Kink Archive as you can access most of the decent shoots (if you don't have them stored already). I must say much of the Kink content these days isn't as good as the old stuff - that goes especially for TTOO.

    Looking now, there's no assignments. No actual training. No living in the Armory. No build up to anything. Every shoot looks the same. Straight into sex. Enter the gimp, head shoved on a cock, followed by reverse cowgirl. Day 2 with the same model features simply more of the same, maybe in reverse order. I guess the old TTOO relied on girls who were really committed to BDSM, or really committed to trying it. Maybe there are fewer lifestylers entering the industry and so many that Kink has already recruited on TTOO, Kink is having to resort to the generic SAS type shoot (SAS is also not what it used to be, IMHO), recruiting mainstream models with fake tits and little knowledge of, or interest in, BDSM. So sad.
  • Well, if the directors are short of idea, I would like to request to consider reshoots of some classic scenes (i.e Training of models like Devaun, Satine Phoenix, Amber Rayne, Berlin, Sasha Knox etc) with new models. Those scenes with new models may give us some sort of fun.
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    agreed, but the '50 shades.... rebranding' phase may put a kinky crimp in that....

    also too- as has been mentioned aforehand - Models such as 'fit' your suggestion
    (those that 'want it more than they are afraid of it' and truly can project the True BDSM
    Traditional 'slave' qualities just havent been all there as KINK started with...(imo)

    these are more TUF oriented but TTOO was accredited to be training for TUF
    hopefully KINK will once again put in more resources towards bringing back those days...
    but im not holding my breath for it....
  • They should bring back some past models like Jade Indica, Sarah Shevon, Kristina Rose who are still active and performed well in past scenes
  • I was fine with it till the Gimp was introduced. That totally ruins it for me. Probably won't resubscribe or bother watching in the future. :-(
  • I think a lot of Kink people who live the lifestyle, need a site on kink. where they bring in people from the community. couples to perform, and play for video. I think this would fill a hole in the kink sites, so to speak. A less sex more play site
  • Just another SaS :(
  • I actually will take the contrary opinion here and say I absolutely love the new TTOO, as I am a huge SAS fan. I find the HD quality of the shoots, hot girls and condensed training more to my liking than the "dragged out" conditioning TTOO used before. Just my opinion.
  • I miss old golden days.
  • Mo update for 2 weeks. Any news regarding this?? Do we need to give farewell another popular site??
  • Thank you for your patience everybody!
    Here's the new update schedule, which rotates every two weeks:

    Week A -
    Monday: Public Disgrace (part 1), TS Pussy Hunters
    Tuesday: The Training of O, TS Seduction, Men On Edge when KinkMen is not updating on Friday
    Wednesday: Fucking Machines, Ultimate Surrender
    Thursday: Hogtied, Whipped Ass, Bound Gods
    Friday: Sex and Submission, Divine Bitches, KinkMen

    Week B -
    Monday: Public Disgrace (part 2)
    Tuesday: The Upper Floor, TS Seduction, Men On Edge when KinkMen is not updating
    Wednesday: Hardcore GangBang, Ultimate Surrender
    Thursday: Device Bondage, Electrosluts, Bound Gods
    Friday: Sex and Submission, Everything Butt, Naked Kombat Second Friday of the month / 30 Minutes of Torment Last Friday of the month

    I hope this helps!
  • Dear everyone,

    I miss also the good old time of TTOO (for me TTOO is similary SAS) and I find it not good to get only more two TTOO updates in a month.

    All the best
    Best regards
    SirMastermind Peter
  • The 1st day of Allison Rey is disappointing. If this kind of shooting comes regularly, kink.com will loose popularity very soon.
  • Slave training had been only a fantasy, but now we have to consider what exactly is a sex slave nowadays.
    While you may think the slave trade ended hundreds of years ago it is making a comeback. Recently a slave holder has been convicted right here in the United States. He recruited slaves in Hungary. They were handsome teen aged gay boys. They believed they were being hired as escorts. The boss would take them to New York, and they would be paid to , shall we say " date " American gay men. They could earn way more doing this than any job they could get in Hungary.
    After arriving in America they found themselves locked in rooms that had no windows. Then they were trained to be prostitutes, and subjected to torture if they did not co-operate.
    This is one of many new ways of taking away a person's freedom and using them for sex to earn a profit for their owners.
    I believe that kink,com has been forced to come to the conclusion that any video involving training and slaves being used for sex could be associated somehow with the sex- slave trafficking business, Even though the people were not slaves and were merely earning a living acting out a scene that was a fantasy.
    While the character portrayed in a slave training video may be a pain slut who has a preference for sex that involves simulated torture, and finds that a sex act that involves pain, humiliation and de-humanization can give them an adrenaline rush that they have become addicted to, such a scene may just be too similar to crimes that are presently committed, that it would be unethical to sell this as something that is fun to watch.
  • If kink.com would like to diversify, and make something to be watched by people who were completley outside of the BDSM community, perhaps they could make a movie about sex slave trafficking.
    The leading lady would be a beautiful slut who is a recreational drug -user, and she is OK with taking risks. She meets a mysterious stranger on an internet dating site. She indulges in sex and drug abuse during dates with him, before she has really gotten to know him, and does not bother to do any fact checking on the things he has told her about himself.
    She becomes addicted to the heroin he brings to their dates. She wants to date him every night, although he tells her he does not have enough free time to do this.
    When she insists that he has to take her out that night, he knows he has got her.
    During these dates he reminds her he is pressed for time. They get into the habit of she gives him the sex he wants and then as soon as they are done with that, she gets the drug she wants. This continues while he gradually becomes more dominant and abusive.
    When she learns how to enjoy getting tied up and blindfolded during rough sodomy, he tells her he got fired from his hi paying job and can't afford to buy heroin anymore.
    She can't handle this, and he tells her if she gives him the money he can buy the heroin from his friend and give her what she needs.
    She does not have the money to pay for her habit, so she moves out of her apartment and into his place, so she can use the rent money for the heroin. She does not realize what a dumb idea this is because she sees him as her lover and the man who takes care of her.
    She still can't come up with enough money to buy all the heroin she is now using, he offers to help her by introducing her to this friend he has who will pay her for sex. He does not approve of this, but he can't think of any other way she could earn so much money in such a small amount of time.
    After she has done this job a few times, she still doesn't feel she has a problem with it.
    He then introduces her to this other "friend" he knows. After she has been drugged and locked in the trunk of this other "friend"s car her mysterious lover is paid. she is now the property of this other man.
    After a long journey to a place were nothing seems familiar, the plot becomes an homage to " The Story of O".
    There is a character who is similar to Sir Stephan, but his place is the set for " The Upper Floor", he is not a Sir anything, he is just a modern day slave trader.
    We don't really know who all the guests are, but they could be his customers, and they are there to look over the merchandise.
    She is welcomed to her new home by a woman who will be her teacher, who advises her that she had better learn to shut up, do whatever she is told to do, and don't be a pain in the ass. This woman adds that she hopes her new student will learn to do this and learn it quickly, because if she doesn't they will have to brand her with a hot iron.
  • This site's video should be for BDSM community. Not for the people who loves softcore action. Ethical or unethical - it is a headache of legal department, not for the viewers of kink.com
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    This site's video should be for BDSM community. Not for the people who loves softcore action. Ethical or unethical - it is a headache of legal department, not for the viewers of kink.com
    lets not blend the non-KINKy world into & with what the KINK mission statement desires to achieve....

  • Dear everyone,

    At the moment I miss very much at TTOO.

    If I would see these: http://forum.kink.com/index.php?p=/discussion/4885/ttoo-farewell-of-sirmastermind-at-the-moment-ttoo-fire-pleasure-is-over#latest

    the good old TTOO time with every week an update I would like to come back immediately to be a TTOO member.

    All the best
    Best regards
    SirMastermind Peter
  • Sorry to hijack, but Sir Mastermind - do you know this shoot? http://bit.ly/2b2AG6p
  • Dear Necromancing5150,

    I think this must be a shoot from the first direction time from Mr. James Mogul. Is it?
    The movie time is really very short.

    All the best
    Best regards
    SirMastermind Peter
  • Sorry to hijack, but Sir Mastermind - do you know this shoot? http://bit.ly/2b2AG6p

  • OK, she has some rope wrapped around her and some clothespins on her naughty parts
    So what?
  • "This site's video should be for BDSM community. Not for people"
    This site is a commercial enterprise, the more people who join, the more money that can be earned. Besides, he BDSM community should be grateful that the normal people don't put them in jail like they used to do.
  • Dear Goeller,

    People goes only into jail if the have or used videos (shoots) about:
    # animal sex
    # children sex (sex under 18. years)
    # redsex (sex with blood)

    How will you see if this is a people of the BDSM community or a normal people?

    All the best
    Best regards
    SirMastermind Peter
  • The project I was talking about was not necessarily something that would be seen on kink.com. I was talking about something to show everyone what is happening in the trafficking business..........The facilities at the armory would be used because they have experience making videos about rough sex and women who are totally dominated......I may be wrong about this but I think some of the models would like to do more than just entertain kinksters, and would like to be in mainstream movies. The part of the beautiful victim would be an opportunity for her to show she knew how to act.
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