HD video options falling apart at TS Seduction - what you guys... regardless of site subscription

Hi there, for the sake of everyone's attention, I'M POSTING IN HERE especially as there may be similar problems on other Kink sites and this community IS Kink


I'm posting here unfortunately there’s a big problem with TS Seduction HD videos. In short, many - and we’re talking dozens - are just blank and the cursor never moves whether it’s downloaded or watched online, as I tried streaming and exactly the same thing happens. I thought that it was only 8 videos - which would still be a big problem - but going back and trying to watch older vids presents the same problem. So far, at the time of writing, this is apparently not an issue on the following video, nor those that come after it, said video being::

Natassia Dream, Lorelei Lee
Stalking the Stalker
Feb 10, 2010 - Lorelei Lee , Natassia Dreams and Mickey Mod


  • Apparently the above show's HD video link - the link with the highest quality visuals on this site - along with various others dated before it are shot to hell now as well, and various others have followed suit.

    I also checked the links for some lower-resolution videos... it's the same story.
  • Hi DefMann!
    We've been in touch via email but I wanted to state here for anyone else who may be reading that we have not been able to replicate this issue (in other words, I tested the videos and was able to download them with no trouble) and are actively trying to figure out what is causing the problem DefMann's end. Thank you for your patience :D
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