What video is this from? Been looking for a week


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    thats 2 girl HT

    "hmmm looks like some bamboo involved...

    ok, i will get my kinky slave on it...

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    ok, chrisberry -no need to look any longer.....(unless u have already found what u r looking for....)

    to access KINK-Vid (trailer/options) click on hi-lited text below.....
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    if u r not satisfied let me know ....(my slave will be dealt with accordingly...)

  • Your girls are more efficient than ours are...we would have gotten a bunch of whining...then there would have been some strokes and then MAYBE a result!
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    tsk tsk.....the kinky gatorettes are taught the 'rule of the rod' always comes b4 pleasure...
    (even IF any plzure at all is given or not) .... Absolutely NO MAYBEs in this gator's abode.... B-)
  • Wow

    thank you gatormanx!

    You are truly a God amongst men
  • We also do our best Miss ALex!!!!!!!
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