Tribute amount should not be pre-filled with prior amount

This causes problems when you're too fast with the tribute.
At the very least, there should be a confirmation upon tribute.


  • In addition, the tribute should not go through if the card is declined.
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    maybe Streamate will have that worked out going forward... after they take control of KL in July 2015....
  • hopefully nobody will "take over", and especially not SM. they are talking about using a new platform, basically renting it from another site.
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    LexyGold, do you mean KINK is reconsidering?

    wow sounds good..... if so.

    keep us updated if u could - i know u & other Models are pretty much bummed - if they went with SM.... (its completely understandable if u cant...)
    if there is anything we can do let us know...

    thnx for your kindness in posting.......
  • yeah..that's what they said in the last e-mail,..that they are reconsidering. i don't know more than that. they were supposed to send out a survey..but it's been more than a week since then and nothing.
  • 6-21-15

    thnx Lexy - we wait anxiously to see what develops.....
    hopefully KINK will sort everything out b4 jumping into another 'fire'.... and this time
    not 'sacrifice' the Models who enjoy providing what KL is known for in 'sexcellence' thru camming.....a great show-place that truly makes many wild fetishes cummmm tru....

    thnx again for the info....
  • no problem. i hope everything will turn out for the better...i would have to have to quit kinklive..but i will if streamate is involved in any way.
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