No follow-up?

I submitted an application for TS Seduction perhaps in October 2014. I received an interview offer, and went in for what I thought turned out to be a pretty good interview. Upon leaving, my interviewer said that it was not un-common for it to take up to several months to be contacted to come in for a shoot, so that I shouldn't worry.

Eventually, however, 6 months did pass and I did start to worry. I had actually just assumed that they decided they weren't interesting in having me model for them, but I was still curious to hear from them, if for nothing else than to hear why they weren't interested. I thus sent an e-mail to my interviewer inquiring as to what happened, and never got a response. This didn't seem like her as before she had always replied in a very timely manner to all of my inquiries, so I thought perhaps she just didn't see the e-mail. I thus decided to just submit another application, on which I indicated that I had applied before and I was curious about what the status of the previous application was. I received no response from this either.

Quite honestly, I'm a bit surprised that they would not have just sent a quick one-line response along the lines of "Sorry, but we have decided you are not a good fit for at this time." if indeed that was the case.

Any idea what is going on? I feel as if just contacting them again would be spammy to the point of being rude, but I am anxiously curious to find out what happened. If nothing else, it would help me improve for possible future work.
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