Is there anywhere to buy the long "cattle" prod thing (aka Large Shock Prod) online?

Hello ladies and gentlemen!

Long story short, I want to buy the fancy long electric shock prods that was made so famous by videos.
It used to be stocked at XR (SO185) but apparently no more.

Is there any place where I can get that thing? I don't think they are manufactured in SF, you know ;-)



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    Ebay has a hundred sellers. Type in "cattle prod" That's what they actually are.

    Problem is, ebay is full of similarly looking prods that have considerably different voltages which is a bit worrysome (at least with "approved by kinkdotcom :)" version one could be reasonably certain that human use is technically safe).
    Also, it appears that the one XR used to carry had a high/low switch
    which is, all things considered, a useful feature (so far, I'm unable to locate any livestock prods with high/low switches on Ebay)

    Hey, maybe someone has the model XR sold and would kindly post model number or other identifier?

    Finding a good gift is hard :)
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  • JUST BE SAFE...the ones you can find on Amazon are full strength heavy duty dangerous things and aren't toys!
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  • Oh I know Miss k...but you still have to be safe!!!!!!!!!!
    Been there before you know...zapping a cute girl isn't the same as zapping a huge cow!!!!!
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    OH the biker chicks are tough cookies Miss k...that's for sure!!! some of the harley girls at the SBB Club would probably get zapped and ask for another hit!
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  • Some of those chicks probably carry them!!!!
  • on TUF they had a 'SHOCK Baton' they used a bit but the Models werent fully on board with it....
  • Oh goodness's easy for some guys to go overboard...believe me I know sir!
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  • The ones on Amazon are like those Miss K...for self defense...
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  • EXACTLY! with bunches of juice...and some have pepper spray too.
    I'm going to have to leave now before the battery goes completely!
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    i believe that was the comparison they used --- or the military as i recall and it was also
    used as a 'thud' instrument that the Models who enjoyed 'thud over 'stingy' kinky-pain...then it went from there as some Models (were portrayed as not knowing it was also a 'shocker' too)...but soon found out....
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    Why do guys make sex so difficult????
    I think they're all the same voltage, 9v. They all seem to have a battery box that holds 6 "D" batteries. Why have a "low" switch?
    The battery voltage is the same lol, but the peak voltage produced by the units varies considerably, depending on model.
    Things currently on ebay have peak voltage ranging from 4500 volts (probably for sheep, dogs and other relatively small animals) to 6000v and above (for cows, hogs and the like).

    Thus, not all of them make equally good gifts :)

    So it would be at least nice to know what was peak voltage of the unit Extreme Restraints used to sell ("high power" mode) so that I can buy a unit with similar parameters (XR's voltage is "safe enough", I would assume)

    As to why have high/low settings, it's a gift so I'd rather buy a feature-rich version, if possible.
  • So chatty which battery were you talking about last the shock thing, in your vibe or in your laptop????
    All three? OH MY what a calamity!!!!
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  • That will be interesting...then you can film it while you play!
  • Alas, the damn thing is discontinued.
    Guess I'll have to go with something less fanciful.

    Too bad the item appears to be gone completely, without leaving behind any elctrical specs or whatnot
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    try contacting [email protected] (if u havent already...)
    they would be happy to give u contact info as KINK is talking about supplying info for all toys/equip/etc.. used in the KINK-vids... the 'tazaper' and/or ultra-violet wand are good for starters... unless u have already graduated from 'kinktricity'-101 already...
  • Heh, so far I've only asked around XR's support. I guess I'll go email as well.

    I'm reasonably certain intended recepient of this gift already owns a tarzapper.
  • couldnt hurt -i mean couldnt hurt trying to contact them.....
  • Same question here.

    Long cattle prods look horribly sexy but the warnings on internet about being dangerous and having huge and varying voltages make me reluctant to just buy one.

    But tours /Armory Studios is organizing a workshop 21 july 2016 on Electroplay which specifically covers Cattle Prods. (See message below.)

    Anyone available to go and ask?
    (Unfortunately, I live in Europe. And 2x12 hour flight is just a bit too long :-(. )
  • ElectroPlay: Add Some Spark to Your Sex Life! presented by Miette Rouge & Terralthra


    Have you ever heard the hum of a violet wand at a play party or saw the pretty lights and wondered what it was all about?!

    Maybe you're tingling to learn how to incorporate electro play into your scenes?!

    Electrical play can be used both sadistically and sexually! Come with an adventurous spirit and be prepared to stimulate your curiosity in this HANDS-ON workshop!

    We will discuss various electro play devices such as:

    -Violet Wands
    -TENs Units/E-Stim
    -Cattle Prods
    -Stun Guns

    Once safety is discussed, all attendees will be invited to experiment with the devices their varied sensations.

    About the presenters:

    Miette Rouge is Board Certified Emergency Physician and trained educator with a formal background in Adult Learning/Education/Cognitive Studies and Film Theory. She has been in the kink scene for more years than is polite to say, has hosted and produced events for several years and loves nothing more than facilitating BDSM education and knowledge!

    Terralthra is a polymath with a formal background in both physics and adult education. He's been in the bay area kink scene for twelve years, an event host for eight, and has been sharing violet wand skills and knowledge for five.

    Please note: Armory Studios is not able to accommodate refunding or rescheduling of any workshops.
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  • Its a cattle prod. Did you try a store that sells farm and ranch equipment?
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