KL Models and KINK-vids

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some in the KL chatrooms think that if the 'K' appears (r/h corner)on their(Models) pix to click on to join their show, that it means the Models have done work with/for KINK..
unlike years ago most KL Models that appear in/on KL have NOT done KINK-vids on the KINK Sites(excluding KL)... some want to but havent yet....

here is the red 'K' in r/h corner

something should be done to better distinguish
Models who just cam and Models who do both ....just sayin...

1. on vid-Model profile have an area that Model or KINK can chk off that she does cam shows or link to cam-show
2. on Cam - icon pic -where u used to have icon showing if cam show was from Armory have an icon to display if Model does KINK-vids


  • The K actually signifies that the models are 'Certified Kinky'. What this means is that they have kinky toys and equipment and have demonstrated that they know how to use them - these are the models to choose if you're looking for a fetish-oriented show.
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    kink_tech_support, thnx for your informative response....
    i will have to put together a'bit' more...to further explain....

    thnx again for clarification to those who may read this and visit KL...
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