New Models

Is it me, or does it seem like the gay sites of are running out of models? They're recycling the same people over and over again. It's time to get new models!
I like Sebastian Keys, but.....


  • Hi i would like to try it out have got great fantasys to for fill love you all so much keep up the good work ,well done to you all you are loved so much by us all and needed by every body here ,xoxoxooxoxoxoxo =(( <:-P ;)
  • I would like to be a slave bound in public. I love what you do with your slave bitches.
  • I am a slave bound in pub. Lic lve My ass hole needs a good one
  • Hi you are beautiful at what you do keep up the good work love it xoxoxoxo
  • I would love to be a slave bound in public. I dream with the scenes of a bondaged slave having to suck cocks of several men in a bar and being hard penetrated by dozens of them.
  • My Man tied me to a urinal at a private swingers hotel. I must have blown 20 guys!
  • Hi Blondeheather19 Well done sounds like a lot of fun was had thanks for your Blog love it . =D> ;) :x
  • Are you like me? Blonde and loving this???????????
  • Hi Hotblondenurse Yes i am i do like them and loving this here you all do very good job thank you so much ;) =D> =((
  • Thanks sir!
    We all try to please here!!!
  • I would love too come and be please !
  • esclave salope souhaiterai être montrer en public , dans une salle de billard , recevoir fessée , sucer des bites , êtres défoncer par plusieurs mecs etc....
  • Hello to you All! New member here. Hope you all had a Happy T-day! A very good friend, who knows of my kinky side and my fetishes, showed me one of your shoots. Jeremy Stephens(?), Police, jail gangbang shoot. WOW! I was blown away, I loved it. What a rush that must have been. Jeremy was sexy, intense and HOT. The rest of the talent was HOT, intense and very believable. The action was intense and very arousing. The whole video was just amazing. As a disabled vet, of the U.S. Navy, I have had some intense experiences as the Second Fleet Command Yeoman. I salute you all for your giving us some great sites to view. Thanks!
  • I love to try a shoot
  • Please try with valentina nappi.
  • Hi Azaraa- ell i do like Valentina Nappi she is so hot she as a lot to offer every body love her Conratulations and well done .
  • I want her in 7 days training of O, 10 device bondage scene, 5 hogtied scene, 3 Sex & Submission scene & 5 Upper floor scene at least
  • Just summited an application to be a new model, no response yet though.
  • They should use the civilians inthe background as tops.
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