hello guys,
i want to try self-edging. can anyone tell me how can i do so??


  • No we can't.
    At this site we believe there should be limits on what a person can do to another.
    sorry edging is verboten here
  • To be really edgy, the act involves an actual risk of life.
    Acccording to the prosecutor, Meredith Kercher was playing a sex game that was rather edgy, the sharp edge of a knife was held against her skin during a make-believe gang rape. There was something about she would refuse to participate while being threatened with a knife. I suppose the cold edge of a sharp knife can be exciting when somebody is holding it against your neck, but when things did not go as planned she wound up bleeding to death.
  • Seriously? Wow, I cannot believe that this thread has existed for TWO MONTHS and no one has bothered to correct the misinformation offered by goeller, whoever that might be.
    The OP is asking about "EDGING", an act typically performed on men, or by a man while masturbating, that involves keeping a sustained, heightened level of arousal by getting to the point just before orgasm, then backing off, and doing this repeatedly...

    Not fricking "EDGE PLAY"....

    @ OP: Obviously, this probably isn't the wealth of info you were hoping for. I would suggest perhaps FetLife, or just simply Google, "How to perform edging while masturbating".

    Good Luck and enjoy those sustained orgasms! ;)
  • you may know what your talking about if your asking man ?
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