I do not get transferred to the scene

When I click on a scene from any page I get sent to this page
has been going on for at least an hour or so


  • Having the same issue just noticed it about 10 minutes ago. It was working fine this morning
  • must be another case of under-staffing... do they credit accounts for their down time?
  • yea i can't watch movies either
  • WTF is with all these technical problems? They charge enough that their sites shouldn't be full of broken links and shitty navigation.
  • What is going on with this site? nothing works!
  • I have to agree with all of you...LOL
  • Wow I emailed them and that didn't even go through
  • only thing I found to work, including unsubscribing to the ad emails is the model section... pages w/ pics and trailers ect... off to the battlefield, maybe later?
  • what the hell is going on I'm having the same issue
  • By the way, I'm on Ultimate Surrender, but I get the impression everything is fucked up and we are the only ones who noticed lol. Do they have one webmaster that woke up from 1990 yesterday?

  • lol yup, TUF here, just got an email stating support works 9 to 9 pacific
  • yeppie! fixed
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    KINK is changing to NEW Consollidated Layout in Beta KINK (soon to be known as KINK3)

    any further issues look at this Thread .....

    Wiredpussy Site Update to Kink 3
    this is a rare opportunity to have a KINK Director be an advocate for us...
  • site does not work, everything hangs up. If I could download my library I'd never come back
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    swishersweet - u mean all of the new KINK3 or WP or ES

    Have u tried the current Classic ?
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    if u havent already try [email protected] w/ E-mail... if u havent got a resolve/response already..
  • site does not work, everything hangs up. If I could download my library I'd never come back
    Dude the trasition on new site is not a small thing...just give them more time and the site will be better ( I hope so ) ...image :)
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