Request for capture scenes in “Sex and Submission” and “Hogtied”

Hello ladies and gentlemen of Kink. I emailed you with this request, and
Courtney most kindly suggested I post here.

Folks, I cannot tell you how much you contribute to both my and others'
lives. I grew up in the '90s, when bondage scenes on TV were common, but
adult videos were prohibited from containing bondage or dominant/rough
scenes. So I always felt that not only did my fantasies have to remain
unexpressed, but also, and probably worse, that there was something "wrong"
with them: after all, if they were banned, didn’t that mean that I was some
kind of deviant?

You have brought those fantasies to life, with incredibly well-produced,
well-acted storylines starring frequently gorgeous actresses. As a director
of television commercials, I marvel at the frequently top-notch lighting,
which adds to the quality of your product immensely, and the perfect sound
without ever seeing a boom mike.

Not only has that been a great relief to me, and a great source of
satisfaction to me, but it has helped me accept myself and my fantasies,
which means the world to me. In addition, it has helped my marriage,
because my wife, who is a wonderful accepting person, but who doesn't share
my fantasies, encourages me to watch your videos when I want to explore
that fetish of mine, and then we can still have a fulfilling "vanilla"
connection. You have my intense and immense gratitude.

However, the most important thing to me in videos is the capture scene. I
wish you had more inventive captures, most specifically involving
chloroform, injection and/or drugging, like in the fantastic "Cemetery
Heights," or trapping and re-grabbing, like "Captured In The Woods."
However, these kinds of captures have now become rare on your site. Can you
tell me why, and whether you have plans to do more "interesting" capture
scenes in the future?

I'd love multiple chloroforming scenes if possible, and multiple capture
scenes (escape attempts like “Captured In The Woods”). If you don't mind me
saying, if you want ideas, two intriguing efforts by a competitor are "The
Auction" on Sexually Broken (the shock collar), and "Compromises" on
Infernal Restraints (slow breakdown of will). But don't misunderstand: week
in and week out, you are miles above any other producer of this fetish.

Looking forward to hearing back from you. Thank you again for marvelous




  • Basically everything that you want to see more of, are against our shooting rules. We take a lot of pride in portraying consensual fantasies, and those ideas conflict with our standard.
    We are, on the other hand, all about working with models on making there fantasies come true, but I can't stress enough, that we don't shoot content that involves your suggestions. We do capture scenes in our fantasy updates, and we will have one in our upcoming HT feature, that will be released in a few months.

    Hope this clears things up for you :)
  • Thanks Mr Pope...there's plenty here for all of us to enjoy without breaking the rules!
  • I remember when Michelle Trachtenburg was on Buffy The Vampire Slayer. The vampires put her in a dungeon and chained her to a wall. I was thinking "that's good, now that her hands are shackled they can remove her clothes"
    But no........ The stupid vampires just forgot about her and went on to some dumbassed other scene that I forgot.
    C'mon If you are a vampire you can do ANYTHING and not get put in jail!

    On the other hand the character Michelle was playing was under 18 so that was as far as the network would let them go.

    The problem here has to do with the concept rape is fun.
    If it is clear that a sexual fantasy is being acted out, then a scene is protected by freedom of expression.
    But if she has to be captured 1st some people will think that this is a crime and she never agreed to do this, and she is not using the safe word, not because she forgot it, she never had one.
    If there is a realistic story about a woman being kidnapped and raped, and she never consented to anything, then some guy who will watch it will perceive it as a how-to video, and think "If I did that, I could finally get laid"
    Personally I think there is a solution to this problem. 1st shoot her with a taser, then get the duct tape on her mouth before she can say anything. When he gets to the motel room, he opens her wedding sack just enough that she can stick her head out. The Model has a pony tail. He asks her if she is willing to submit to what he will subject her to. She nods yes ( he made her head move by pulling her pony tail.)
    , I will bet that is too vanilla to take my advice though.
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    Thank you for your reply @JP_ThePope.
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    You know, @JP_ThePope, as I re-read your reply, I'm a little confused. I refer in my request to videos you shot. You then wrote back that you cannot shoot them. That doesn't make sense. Did rules or laws change? You shot the videos I refer to, which both have the content I mention. And there are lots of others I didn't mention, like Amber Rayne's Bound Gangbangs appearance, Tara Lynn Foxx in the stupendous Hogtied "Poor Little Rich Girl," Alysa in her Bound Gangbangs kidnapped wife see the flaw in logic?

    I haven't heard of any laws changing, but you would know this much much better than I. I'm just curious why the two don't add up.

    Also, which HT shoot were you referring you in your post?

    Looking forward to your reply again.

  • Mr. Pope is giving you an accurate response...they don't do a lot of those types of scenes anymore...There a few if you look for them...example: Skin Diamond in her TTOO shoot (day 1)
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    Hi @hotblondenurse...thanks for the reply. I remember that Day 1 Skin Diamond T of O shoot, and I did like it quite a lot.

    You used the word "anymore" in your reply. My issue is, that word doesn't appear anywhere in @JP_ThePope's response to me. He simply says it's against their standards. So I cannot currently agree that he's giving me an "accurate" reponse, as you say. He may be. But currently there is a flaw in logic.

    What I wondered was, since it seemingly was once part of their standards, did it somehow become against their standards? And if so, when and why? Or was it always against their standards, and the shoots you and I mentioned (and more) just snuck past without anyone noticing the standards violation?

    I am not an expert, but I don't think it's against any law. I say that because I know the law which prohibited any pornography containing scenes depicting violence toward women, which went into effect in 1985 (ratified during the very conservative Reagan years, then later declared unconstitutional), is no longer active or enforced.

    As you probably know, prior to that 1985 statute and ensuing controversy, many adult movies contained fantasy forced sex scenes. There was a moratorium on such scenes for a long time after 1985, and Kink played a huge and brave role in breaking down those metaphysical walls the pornography industry had erected some 20 years prior. So I find the reference to "standards," which is a euphemism for "there's a self-imposed limit on Kink's creative presentation of sexual fantasies," to be disappointing, as well as very surprising, given not only Kink's role as a producer who has been revolutionary in pushing boundaries, but also Kink's history of actually producing the exact shoots we're discussing.

    Simply put, those capture scenes are nothing more than fantasies, and Kink made its reputation by creating videos which proudly demonstrate that rough-sex fantasies--and that has often included capture scenes in the past, as you and I both know--are 100% OK. That, to me, is Kink's "standard."

    So I'd like to know what changed, when it changed, and why. Because ironically, lots of other producers now include capture scenes. Why not Kink, the company that blazed the path for that content to be OK in the first place?

    As I said, as far as I know, fantasy forced sex scenes in porn are completely legal, at least from what I understand. Maybe @JP_ThePope knows differently. I'm the first to concede he's in a position to know more than I.

    Hopefully he will clarify.

  • Don't have a strong opinion one way or the other but it seems to me that being "legal" and following Kink's shooting rules aren't the same things...
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  • hence the transition from sites like Bound GB to Hard Core GB...companies evolve...
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  • So everyone has to just accept the sites the way they are now...and go back and look at the older parts of the catalogs...which is what we do anyway...
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    @Kimberly556, tell me more about the press releases. That would at least alleviate my confusion. It's so interesting to me that while other companies become more daring, Kink would choose to become less so. But I'll accept it. I just want to hear about it.

    Thanks very much. And for my money, nothing, but nothing, Kink has ever done beats the incredibly well-done "Cemetery Heights." They spelled cemetery incorrectly, so note that if you search for it. But if you want the original full version, you'll have to search elsewhere, because the version I bought--too late unfortunately--has been 'sanitized,' the great chloro and sex-drugging scenes having been removed. (I've never relied on Kink streaming since...and now, of course, I can't anyway...)

    Personally, I feel sad, almost betrayed, when the folks who have done more to bring my fantasies to life than anyone else ever start to bit by bit remove those same said fantasies. But c'est la vie, apparently.

    Best to all. Thanks for the lively discussion, and I look forward to hearing from [email protected] and maybe even from @JP_ThePope to clarify the whys.

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  • I see. That summary helps a great deal.

    I hope I don't sound like I'm badmouthing. I'm just expressing disappointment. But to me, no company produces finer rough-sex videos than Kink. That's why I'm disappointed: I have come to expect so much from them because they are the best.

    Thanks again...

  • when/if KINK gains momentum from its re-branding theme/phase
    and it broadens its film studio budgets...

    and if KINK remains KINK......

    .....stayed tuned its a very kinky business to say the least......
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    also chk out 'LOVE THE TRAILERS' for continuity to new Thread regarding
    'rebranding' its image ......and/or go directly to article...
    it will shed some kinky lite on this kinky topic

    (imhko) as far as where JP is coming (npi) from - LIVE' shows really is where one could learn to understand how he 'rolls' as observing & having talked with JP when he was TTOO/TUF Director also has a lot of to do with my understanding on how he accepts/rejects requests and that was during 'LIVE' shows he Directed and also used many of his specialized rope techniques and other KINKy BDSM Torments on the girls and his emphasis on SAFETY which many times Members watching were really concerned for the Models...but were always reassured nothing beyond the Models limits nor his were being exceeded....that is from time to time the only exceptions were when he believed that the Model fully trusted him he would engage in some 'sadistic' thots for the 'helpless' Model to contemplate...using his inquisitive quote JP would say-to/ask the Slaves in Training ... "is that a HARD Limit or something we need to work on....." most girls said HARD but the few that did go on it was truly kinky spectacular...and JP always was always very respective of the girls that did yet it looked very extreme sometimes even for KINK....and though there was some 'sub-drop' it was always handled professionally with extreme care and sub-after-care as it was all 'LIVE'....but Truly KINKy Fun was had by all.....

    well hope u enjoy all KINK has.... theres plenty of variety all they have still available...

  • SAFETY is paramount...ALWAYS! and Mr Pope knows that well...
  • Hey @gatormanx...the link was very helpful. Thank you. I can't say that your explanation of @JP_ThePope was helpful for me. Respecting models' boundaries, which I applaud and deeply appreciate Kink for, have nothing to do with things like fantasy captures. I can't imagine very many models would be OK with rough sex, but not OK with pretending to get knocked out with a cloth over their mouth, or snatched up by a net, or injected...come on. Pretend menace is pretend, and nobody gets hurt.

    I do, though, appreciate where you were coming from in trying to shed more light on the whys of his response. I'll continue to hope to hear more from him. Thanks again for the link.
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    Matt Williams was best at capture scenarios with Cabo series (imo) and the short trailer that HT had but he never did an expansion on....and all that was back when KINK was first on the WEB and Peter was turning big bucks with superior material unequalled at that time...

    well hope u keep up with your quests
    and enjoy.....

  • I wish they showed "capture sequences" more often too sir...or what I call the Take Down in my fiction...
    There's a "sort of" capture sequence in a shoot of Princess Donna's called The Limousine...a really good shoot too!
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  • I THINK I've seen that one Miss K...
  • We like the "capture" scenes...but I guess we're wishing for something that's not going to happen anymore...
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  • But Kink is still better than just about everything else...
  • If you didn't see my latest feature, Deception, you should check it out. There is a lot of similar things that you may be looking for. There are abductions, takedowns and manhandling throughout the movie.
  • Gosh sir...I'm going to check it out tomorrow sir!
    THANKS for your great work sir!
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