KinkLive Bunkroom?

When I was signing up to be a KinkLive model, I came across something about a "KinkLive Bunkroom" that models could book and perform in, but I haven't found much information about the booking process and potential fees for using the space. Can anyone pretty please help me out with this?


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  • I'm sure they will be able to find some man who will be happy to let her stay at his place.
    The cops may have cited the local ordinances because they saw a rainbow flag flying over the armory, and they wanted to bust chops.
    If you are in the torture porn business, public relations can get difficult sometimes. You don't want to get into an argument with any of your neighbors, so you must be nice to judgmental people and treat them with respect.
    Is sponsoring a little league baseball team this year? What would they call the team, the Kinksters? I like " the Dominators"
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    Peter is into lots of community projects - could be - or even a girls softball team same name...
    buttt the ramifications of porn issues prolly wouldnt float well -even in San Fran the KINK capital... maybe Portland or Seattle....
    or maybe Cuba the next Porn Capital when it moves there....
  • I was told a visiting model could stay overnight and not be charged. The room itself is a fairly small room with a few bunkbeds in it. You may want to call or email ahead of time to make sure though
  • The KinkLive bunkroom is for female or female-identified performers who book two or more performances in the same 24-hour period or who perform between midnight and 7 AM. To schedule a cam show at the KinkLive studios at the Armory, please email [email protected]
  • A visiting model could stay in a hotel.
    The idea of there is an empty space where someone without money could stay is not popular with the San Francisco upper class.
    San Francisco is a peninsula. It can't grow past its city limits. If you want a home there, you have to live in space where something else used to be.
    While this could be a problem to a city, in terms of financial success, there is a solution to this however. if all the poor people moved out of San Francisco, the space they occupy could be used to build something new in. If they could build a new airport there and a few new golf courses, the law of supply and demand would drive the cost of land there so high, An Acre would be something no honest man could pay for.
    Besides poor people have children. Without the kids there school taxes would not be necessasry.
    if things work out, San Francisco could become one big luxury community, stretching from the Beaches on the west side to the marinas on the east side.
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  • Well let's see, the typical San Francisco house is owned by a gay couple and is old but it has been totally renovated. Who used to live in that house, did they have children?
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  • NYC has spaces in a parking garage that rent for $1500 / month
    NYC includes the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, and Staten Island. The largest expense in the NYC budget is the program that provides free hot lunch and breakfast for welfare children in school. There are beaches within the city limits but there are so many cigarette butts in the sand it looks like an ashtray.
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