Five of the Saddest Words Ever Heard on Hogtied

"Nothing's going into my bum." -- Ava Dalush

How many days of mourning are appropriate for this?



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    all the more reason to give this girl the genuine KINK VIP participation as 'slave' tour .... everyday......every hour....

    or maybe she was scripted to say

    buttt any which way u see it, she looks new to KINK with pain-slut attributes....

    the Direct KINKy Link to the vid w/ Ava Dalush

    Ava Dalush - KINK Profile

    [click on red hi-lite to go to selection]


  • Is it just me, or do her face and accent remind anyone else of Kate Beckinsale?
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    no, but one of my ex-g/f lol
  • Oh...the mind reels...
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    - B-)
  • Hi Mr. G!
    How are the gator bunnies?????
  • Lovely, ;pie;y woman and a thrill to see her here....and with the Pope! In my view HT has been wandering a bit and I hope JP's arrival will bring focus. HT is the Kink flagship site, and if they can't get this one to sail then .... Great to see you here, JP, and wonderful with Ava! Cheers, P
  • What, its OK to tie her up and **** her with a baseball bat, but she won't do anal?
    She needs to have some of the other women who work there tell her about how good taking it up the ass can feel. A woman CAN have an orgasm during anal if it is done properly. Something about stimulating the G-Spot from behind.
    Maybe you guys could order Chinese food for lunch and see if the delivery boy has a really small penis that would not appear as threatening to Ms. Dalush.
  • Is it just me, or do her face and accent remind anyone else of Kate Beckinsale?
    Agreed. Time for an underworld parody.

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