My Dream

edited February 2015 in Bound in Public
Have this Dream I walking down the street 3 beautiful Lady's see me. I say Hi as I walk by. then the next thing . I wake up tied to this table spread eagle total naked gag in my mouth these Ladies wanted to have some fun. Here I am at the mercy of them they heard threw there friends that I like to be waxed one was heating some wax while the other one getting me rock Hard then someone puts a sound in then pour wax all over my cock and balls and making sure all my hair was covered. one removed the gag from my mouth and replaced it with a penis gag and short end my mouth and longer one facing up ward so when the start pulling on the wax she fucking my face. other was have fun with my nibbles use wax and ??? (almost forgot love the g showers) then I heard one lets have a party tonight while he is all tied up but blind folded on either side of me they tables full of tools instruments' to use on me everybody at party can use me as they want and do anything. Like I said its a dream but I would love to happen. Feel free to look me up I love to please


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