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Wifey and I have really been enjoying our new routine of waking up to Kink University vids in bed on weekends. Beats the shit out of breakfast in bed. =)


One thing we'd love to hear more about is this tie, in particular. It's pretty simple to figure out, but we'd love to see/hear the nuances described, as well as some suggestions about how to get creative with it... different ways of playing while wearing this... how it makes the model feel, physically and psychologically... That kind of perspective is something we're really enjoying.

With that in mind, the tutorial about asymmetric bondage was cool, but also a bit lacking. In the past, we've read about how asymmetry helps disorient the senses a bit, and can really enhance the sensation of helplessness. We really get off on learning that kind of thing, so if we have any overarching suggestions, it would be this. More attention to the psychological effect that each tie has on the sub. (Danarama and Samantha Rone did this really well in the first Fifty Skills of Grey lesson.)

Keep up the great work! This is our new favorite thing!


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    Ah yes... one more request. A foot worship lesson from Maitresse Madeline would be pretty awesome. Would love to hear more (from the expert herself) about forced foot worship, domination with feet, tickling, taking advantage of a bound sub's bare feet, etc...
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  • Sorry I just saw you question on the forum from a year ago, but because of them KU produced two videos:

    Fast Bondage for Sex: http://www.kink.com/shoot/39526 in which I show that ass tie...


    Foot Worship: (with Mona Wales): http://bit.ly/KUFootFet

    Hope you like them!

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