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Can the new rigger of hogtied please try and get a bit of spark and imagination into his shoots and really work the girls over like the old doms did? I have given up checking out the new stuff as it's so predictable and bland and slow-oh-so-slow. He acts like he's their friend or something and just fingers/vibes them all day long. I actually don't even think he's a real sadist - he just likes playing the role of rollercoaster dom who's there to serve the sub's pleasure. I mean the shoot with Rilyn Rae is the perfect example of this - the girl's sexy as fuck and she's just laughing and smiling the whole way through. I mean Dani Daniels is literally my favorite model and I nearly feel asleep through his time with her.

I'm not expecting the mad genius of Claire Adams or the genuine domination of James Deen or anything, but it'd be nice to see him stop being so soft and maybe get a bit creative and put the girls under pressure and really create a scene. The only thing is I can't see it happening as that bdsm sadistic spark is either in people or not.


  • DomIRL, u just described what KINK is changing to- a whole new 'rebranding' image that is intended to be 'softer'.... and much of what u say is true for Traditional BDSM Fetishists in that those who have long-time experience with DOMINATION/slave 'relations' and are of the same ilk... have put forth their very similar 'corrective' criticisms..... eventually hopefully KINK will address the issue in some manner...(fyi)
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    i presume JP the Director of Sadistic Rope also...never seen JP work with anyone else here when he is giving a Model his full attention ....
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    looks like JP will be going fwd....
    so yes the comments prove out the chg prolly....
    and of course Kims thorough investigative reporting qualities..

    ahh another shoot for KINK, reporter is taken to the KINK Dungeon for uncovering the kinky cover-ups at KINK and given the KINK treatment on the new Sadistic Hogtied :ar!
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    KINK would b happy for u to visit for a 'participant' as a model being put thru the rigors
    of being tied up..... the viewers would def get their moneys worth
    or if -hbn wanted to also or u volunteered her.... :ar!
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  • We could have a blast...and Miss K could teach some things too!!!!
    I bet she'd have her hook too!!!
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    of course..... any which way u want to work it.... as long as there is spread-eagle positions with pussy whipping and gator clamps involved and the anal hook for extreme pleasure purposes... B-)

    and of course anything u need want....
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    sounds delicious -hbn

    the visual is cummmming into FULL view..... :)
  • Whatever Miss K tells me to do sir!
  • absolutely .....
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  • lmao..... the visual is totally coming in focus..... @-) B-)
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  • But I can't Miss K...the hook is holding me in one place and I can't move!!!
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  • So how can I help you??????
    I guess we can just wait and see what's going to happen to us!
  • hbn-----

    luvly kinky duo.....
  • Now this I like sir!!!!
    How many guys are going to do things to us?
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    hmmmm when Kim cummms first by no less than 9 (3holes x 3) -then my suggestion to her would be for u to enjoy no less then 12..... with of course a good ass whippin and tit whippin...
    then if she needs more she could have u finish her or since she enjoys guys then all of them while u watch in position above...
  • That would all work for me sir...she thinks its for guys to make me watch her...and I do like to do that...and she usually gives encouragement to the ones busy with me too!!
    How about a little variety...I'll do the blowjobs while she takes the ass work...that's our usual roles...but then,maybe we need t change roles??????
  • ok on the condition those positions r a must.... the Director says in order to earn your pleasure... and Kim is ok with all of it as u say.... and she is happy and of course u enjoy everything as well..... .... other than that .... all good here
  • OK sir...I'll whatever she tells me to do sir...both you and she know that!!!
  • good girl [kinky smile]
  • I try to be sir...but sometimes I fuck up and don't even know it!!!!!!!!
  • then the KINK dungeon is a great place to learn the ropes -hbn...[kinky evil grin]
  • have to go sir...
    Have a nice evening sir!
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