So I am at my half year mark with kinklive guys :D

ReneeLoveLace here aka SweetKay I am sorry I have been so busy I want to be more apart of the community it is just hard sometimes keeping up with forums but . I am so happy to be apart of this community and learning new things so many new people sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming , I would like to make more friends on the Forums I am starting by each category first is kinklive in case I missed some people there. I am loving my career but the only way to keep it a career is to make more friends which I love doing even more :D feel free to msg me whenever I love to chat if I do not get back right away to you just give me a little time ;) maybe this discusion could be for some advice or tips I could to to be a better model anything you want to say to me just comment :D I am wanting more ideas for my show every day life I just wore a collar for the first time for 24 hours an I liked it :D and I just did 2,000 spanks on kinklive moments ago what a rush It was such an adrenaline rush


  • girl, we need to see you in the KINK-vids .... then u will get the full 'taste' of what the KINK mob luvs and we will be very gratified to see u being used by the KINK Dominants/Tops, in the way they can explore all your kinky desires and even ones you never knew you had.... frsh-meat on the sets at KINK are always delectable and fun to watch get 'eaten' or 'masticated on....
    wish u all the best in all u do.....
  • You're always welcome here!!
  • Awww well thank you , you guys, another reason I love this community you guys are here to help guide :D mmm I cannot wait to do a shoot gator I need to be ravaged . What you guys been up too
  • Has it been 6 months already? Wow
  • Hello ReneeLovelace SweetKay. Your shows are almost perfect. What idea can we add ?
    I don't know. Change theme or ambiance or music maybe.
    Congratulations for this long career in KinkLive !!!
  • You can maybe help me to have more ideas as I start.
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