Pain and Pleasure Part 1

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I am walking to my car through the dark, empty parking lot. I get in, turn on my car and start to pull out when suddenly a rope is tossed over me and pulled across my chest. I then feel a very warm hand clutch my throat. I am startled and very scared! I begin to tear up, but stay calm.
I am told to drive and I follow the directions.
I pull up to a dark house out in the country. Not a neighbor in sight! I am told to turn off the car and I hear the back door open. I see two people go up to the front door of the house. My driver's door is opened and I am yanked out of the car by my hair! I wince due to the fierce pull! I am trying to get to my feet, but it is difficult since I am being dragged.
We are up on the porch and enter the house. My head hits the door post but no one gives my holler a second thought!
I am held with my arms behind my back and a tall, dark haired man immediately puts a gag in my mouth. Tape is wrapped around my head, leaving only my nose exposed! I feel the tears trying to burst through!
Next, I feel my shirt ripped open, my buttons flying in every direction. Ow! Someone starts biting my breast hard! I think he may break the skin! Sh#t!!
I try to kick, but my legs are being tied together with rope. I am completely immobilized and helpless!
Someone picks me up and tosses me over their shoulder, like a sack of potatoes. My arms are also tied behind my back with my elbows touching!
I can't fathom what is to be expected!
My abductor takes me outside and props me up against a large tree.
My vision is blurred due to the tape on my face, but I see two silhouettes near me. They are tying me to the tree and pulling very tight!
My skirt is unzipped and slipped off me, leaving me exposed in just my panties and ripped shirt.
I feel cold metal against me and I am told to be still. I try to control my breathing.
My shirt and bra are being cut off me! I feel the tree bark bite into my skin!
I then feel the blade of the knife on my thigh. It is being being dragged to my panties. I feel my skin exposed as my thong is cut off.
"You dirty slut! You should keep your self better maintained! I need to do some trimming down here!" He pulls me up to my tiptoes by my pubic hair. He begins giving me a trim while also ripping some hair out by the root! "Ahhhhh!!!"
I feel the cold, steel blade of the knife running across my clit. I am screaming through my gag, "No, please don't cut me, please don't hurt me!"
The man hears my muffled cry. He looks up at me and with coldness in his eyes he replies, "Shut up or I will really make you scream! You don't even know what pain is...yet!" I think he is just threatening to silence me, but I don't know that. He stands up and with the blade on it's smooth, flat side, he runs it down my stomach and in between my thighs. He whispers in my ear, "You had better be quiet or you won't get my cock in your pussy." And then "SMACK" the flat, smooth side of the knife is slapped on my thigh, just skimming my lips.
I sense my heart rate increasing. Partly because I was nervous and scared, but strangely, I was turned on and excited! I feel so helpless, and surprisingly this is hot for me!
I was also very relieved to know that all my parts were still intact!
My mind drifts to what is next to come, but I am quickly brought back by the rush of cold water all over me. I believe it is the water hose and a sprayer is attached! I feel scrub brushes on my flesh! It is very painful!
"Now we are cleaning you up bitch! No one wants to fuck a dirty slut!"
My scrubbing is over and I feel the sting of repeated slaps across the face and a whip across my thighs! It is almost a rhythmic pattern...slap, slap, whip...slap, slap, whip...
As the pattern continues I am aware of pinching on my breasts down to my stomach.
"Add more clothespins! This bitch needs to feel the sensation of a real zipper!"
I think to myself, what is a zipper and why are clothespins involved?
The men's laughing is echoing in my head.
Someone asks, "Are you ready girl?" And before I can think, I feel a whip go across my body and clothespins being ripped off my skin!
I scream stop, but no one can hear me! Whack! Whack! One whip after another until I hear someone say, "You got them all brother!"
My face is completely wet due the tears being trapped on my taped face.
My legs are shaking from the emotional and physical exhaustion. But every time I try to find some comfort, I quickly remember that I am tied to the tree. I feel the bark cutting through on my bare skin.
For a moment there is freedom. I am left alone in my humiliation and pain. But not for too long.
I am untied from the tree only to be turned around and retied. One of the men pushes me into the tree, crushing my breasts into the hard trunk. Forcing my nipples to be squashed and scraped against the razor like ridges of the bark.
But I am grateful that my head covering was removed and I inhale deeply! I try to keep from rubbing my face against the tree, but it is impossible.
"Time to give you a good ass whoopin! That pretty thing needs to be a deep red!"
I feel a hand slap across my back side again and again. "This is just the warm-up honey!"
SLAP! This time it was not a hand, but a paddle! My screams can no longer be muffled. The men roar with laughter at my cries!
"Scream honey, no one can hear you!"
The men yell also as if to mock me!
The discipline continues as one of the men asks for the whip. My face is covered in tears and my backside is covered in welts!
I can only imagine how bruised my rear is! They were merciless, taking turns paddling and whipping me, each one harder than before!
"Well boys, time to make this slut cum! Who's going first?"
I can hear 4 or 5 men shout out to be the first to have his way with me! But all is silenced when I hear a woman's voice yell over the group, "You horny bastards shut up!"
The group of men is silenced immediately!

*Is this woman her rescue or her demise?* Click here to find out...


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    *You are reading the continuation of Pain and Pleasure
    Part 2

    I feel her soft hands rub against my back. I am sure she will take pity on me and help me escape this nightmare!
    She demands the men untie me from the tree and I collapse to the ground. My arms and legs are also freed! I am so relieved!
    I am carried into the house and laid gently on a bed. I just want to leave, but I am too tired and weak to move. My body is so sore from the beatings and my scratches from the tree are bleeding.
    I see my hero enter the room with a glass of water. She lifts my head to give me a drink and then lowers me back down.
    "You really took it hard outside didn't you honey?" I gently nod my head. She wipes yet another year.
    "Do you want the boys to play with you again?" The look of fear in my eyes answers her question. She then tells me that I should do as she says and she will keep them back, at least for now. But if I am disobedient, I will be her brothers play toy and without mercy!
    Fear runs through me once again! What?!?! Her too?!?!
    She wastes no time attaching metal clamps to my already sore nipples! She then inserts 2 fingers inside of me quickly adding 3, no many are in there? She smiles as I am immediately wet for her! "You are a dirty slut! You like this slut? How about this?" And I feel myself filled with her hand! "That's right, I have my fist in your wet pussy! Those dumbass boys can't make you feel like this way with their cocks!"
    She continues to twist and pump her fist in me! Every little movement adds a new sensation! I moan! My head unable to leave my pillow!
    Her fist is removed and I am trying to catch my breath, once again!
    I have a little reprieve from her as she puts on a contraption with a dick attached to it. I don't even try to think about what she is planning to do to me now.
    Jerking on my chain attached to my clamps, she bring me to an upright position. My nipples are stretched out from my body and I think she is going to rip them off!
    My mouth opens as I let out a loud yell and she takes full advantage of my mouth, kissing me. I am then tossed back down to my pillow.
    "You are going to suck this cock and I suggest you get it nice and wet. It is going in your a$$!" I have never had anything in that part of me before, but i do as I am told.
    She comes to the side of the bed and I lean over. Opening my mouth wide, I begin to suck and lick.
    She pulls me down to the end of the bed and I am turned over on to my stomach, only to be reminded of the nipple clamps! She then commands that I get on my knees, raise my ass in the air and spread my legs.
    She opens my cheeks and spits on me right before she inserts her cock. My eyes squint tight due to the pain. She starts off slow, but quickly picks up speed. She slaps my backside a few times, and makes jokes about my bruises. I can not control myself as I cum again and again.
    One of the brothers comes into the room complaining that she is getting all the fun. She tells him he can join, but he has to shut up my screaming.
    She stops her thrusting long enough to turn me across the bed. I feel one of the clamps twist off and I let out a loud wail!
    She wastes no time filling me up again and her brother shoves his cock in my mouth. Grabbing and twisting a handful of my hair, he guides my head up and down.
    I am just a rag doll being used for their enjoyment!
    The woman stops and commands her brother to let me go.
    I lay down and roll over only to have the man rip the remaining clamp, without opening it, of my nipple! I think he took my skin with it!
    They have no mercy!!! I scream out, tears pouring down my face! He grabs my breasts twisting and pinching! I continue to moan and holler. He slaps my tits! "Ow! Please stop!" I cry out over and over. He leans down and whispers in my ear, "My sister said to shut up! I will add some stripes to those big things using my cane if you don't get get quiet!"
    I sniffle, trying to get ahold of my emotions.
    "Let's see how much you like pain." And with that, he puts his hand between my legs. He rubs me, noticing how warm and wet I am. As he moves his fingers in and out of me, I lose all control and I cum all over his hand! I am so embarrassed. He smiles, enjoying my humiliation.
    But the truth is, I want more! I want something harder in me!
    His sister looks at us with disgust and with irritation in her voice asks, "Are you two done?"
    He just gives her a "go to hell" look and walks out of the room.
    She crawls on top of me and sits on my face. "Make me cum, slut!" She raises her self just bit and I fill her with my tongue. I have no energy, but I want to please her. Maybe then they will let me go. She moans with pleasure, but not before slapping me with her hand! Over and over again I feel her flesh hit me! I can feel myself swelling. And just when I think she is done, I feel the sting of leather in me! Is she using a riding crop to smack me! I can't see anything, but I can feel it! In fact, it is more intense, not seeing it! Slap, slap, slap! I am sure to be bright red now! With the last slap on my skin, she cums on my face.
    "Lick me clean." she commands.
    I clean her up as well as I can.
    She gets up, slaps my face, and smiles. As she exits the room, she yells at her brothers, "She's all your boys!"

    *Will I ever find my escape and do I even want to?*

    Read on and see...
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    *Continued from Pain and Pleasure*
    Part 3

    Her brothers enter the room. I have no more tears to cry. I do everything I am told and they have their way with me. Filling up every whole, taking turns in my mouth as I swallow each one of them. My face is slapped, my throat is clenched tightly with their fists, someone even bites my arm! There is no place on my body that has not been their property!
    Finally all the brothers gather around me and I sit on my knees in the center of their circle. "Open your mouth and stick out your tongue!"
    I obey and they cover my face and mouth with their cum.
    "You are our cum slut!"
    They toss me onto the bed and tell me to go to sleep, that I will need my rest for tomorrow. I am finally at peace and I quickly drift off.
    I awaken only to find myself alone, dressed, and in my apartment. What? Was that all a dream?!?!
    I shake my head! Couldn't have been, it was too real!
    I look out and it is dark! I slept the afternoon away!
    I have things I need to do! I walk to my car at the dark end of the parking lot, where I always park.
    After all, you never know what may happen in the dark. :)
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  • wow. enjoyed your experience very much.
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