Van interviewed by "The Sword" blog + Cybersockets Award win

Here is an interesting interview with Van on "The Sword" blog:

I also would like to congratulate Van, Sebastian and everyone else at the KinkMen-Team for winning the "Best Hardcore/Fetish Site" Award at this years Cybersocket Awards!


  • i want to see Van back at Bound Gods
  • Could you guys please get Big Daddy at the end of a bed. Connor
    Mcguires feet are at the bottom and Big daddy come with his dick
    opens the covers at the end of the bed. He gets a huge sticky
    bottle of thick lube glides and slides connors feet sensually and
    sexually. Big daddy then devours connors toes and perhaps other
    guys could join him in bed for the ultimate kink men footjob
    nightime bed intruder
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