In Collar and Humilated

Before I went through castration and then sex reassignment surgery, I used to teach at a secondary school as a man. I disciplined my students very strictly. I made the naughty boys stand in class and spanked quite a few of the presence of their keep them from creating so much noise and chaos in my classroom.

Now I have undergone surgeries to become a woman and am working as an escort. My very naughty boy students now become my clients. They are so very eager to have me booked so I can be stripped naked ...put in collar...and then I am spanked while on all fours...really hard...on my butt. They cum and piss in my mouth.

I should have felt ashamed but strangely, my new pussy gets wet...really wet...even as my poor butt is getting painfully red by being paddled/whipped by the boys. The boys laugh and jeer at me, saying that a worthless piece of sissy shit like me deserve to be punished. I am embarrassed to say that being humiliated like that also makes me get really hot !!
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