Request or suggestion for a video

I have waited in hopes but yet to see it, But could you do a lesson on strap-on femdom to husband/bf or similar. I mean more than here is how you wear it and where you can put it. I mean all out like scenarios where it could be a surprise to husband coming out of shower or home. Or to the aspect of he wants to do anal to her she makes him experience it first, or he wants/watches lots of porn and trys to act them out with her she flips the coin.

I know personally that some females kind of are into the use but lack the understanding or imagination what to do, also telling them just mimick what a guy does in say a porn also is almost not working. They may like it but can't seem to fit the roll more because they have not gotten a guidance from someone other than that with them. Also some don't actually watch porn themselves even if they have some kinks.

I have been hoping as I have someone I would want to watch it, i think it would make our evening time to time really fun beyond where we are but my suggested method, watch one of the kink divine bitches episodes and yes we visited the place when we were in san fran last summer, has not worked. She actually never did. But I know a kink U she will watch in fact she was curious if you had one on that. you can contact me if you want for more private or complete aspect I just hope you take suggestions


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