Lew Rubens Rope tutorial for kink.com staff not downloading

I had purchased this video when it was on another site (test shoots I believe) several years ago before the Kink U site started. I recently went through a hardrive fault and had to start fresh. When I went to download this video it redirects me back to the updates page. After a little poking around from what I can tell this video has been recategorized to the Kink U site but hasn't been released on that site yet. Is this just a case of oops this vid fell through the cracks and didn’t get re-released or is there some other issue causing this vid to not appear under kink U? I tried to file a techsupport ticket but I keep getting mail delivery failed notices when using the help tab.


  • Hi Domogre, sorry but that specific Lew Rubens video was lost during a storage server crash and was not recoverable. We have it on our list to re-edit it in the future from raw footage, but I don't know when that will be. I have made a ticket to alert you when it becomes available and grant you that shoot. Hope that helps!
  • Yikes. It was a harddrive crash that wiped it out of my collection here and on your end. You gotta love computers. Thanks for the heads up.
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