Bound In Public - RIP

Dear Member,

We regret to inform you that we have made the decision to end the filming of Bound In Public. Currently, we are focusing on and making new content for new sites in 2015. In order to make this possible, Bound In Public will no longer be updated with new content, effective 12-12-2014. For those who still want to enjoy access to this site's archived content, we will still be hosting Bound In Public and offering subscriptions.

We want to continue to be the place you come to for hot, kinky content. Please stay tuned for our new and exciting content coming your way in 2015, along with our currently updating KinkMen sites:, and

If you have a currently-active subscription to, we would like to offer you some options.

We can transfer the remainder of the time you have already paid for on to another KinkMen site of your choosing. (Please note that this only applies to other KinkMen sites to which you are not currently subscribed.) If this is the option you choose, please reply to this email and tell us which one site you would prefer.


We can refund you the pro rated remainder of the time you have already paid for, starting today (12-15-2014), to the credit card or ACH account you used to subscribe.


We can refund you the equivalent in Kinks of the pro rated remainder of the time you have already paid for, starting today (12-15-2014), usable on

Please email [email protected] and tell us which one of the options above you would prefer. Thank you again for your support and appreciation. It's been a pleasure bringing Bound in Public to you.


Sebastian Keys


  • Thanks, Van and Sebastian, for the years of hot BinP fun! Here's hoping that you all cook up something even more wild moving forward.
  • I'm very saddened by this, though I do remember seeing something somewhere about a potential change. I guess this was the change. I'm not someone who's "into" the kink in my personal life, and loved having the vicarious touch of it through this. I will miss this site :((
  • A real shame, I didn't know this was happening, only found out by doing some digging.
  • This indeed a shame. The BIP site has long been one of my favourites.
  • First 30 Minutes, and now BIP. I hope there are some very good new GAY sites coming in the New Year, because this is very disappointing news.
  • this is too bad... wish I would have had a warning. was a good ride.
  • if anyone is in toronto and wants to do a private bid.. let me know.. i'm a willing participant.
  • Hi, could you please transfer my subscription to Bound Gods? Many thanks.
  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • Is there any word please on any new GAY sites on Kink please to replace BiP and 30 Minutes?
  • Wow...really disappointed about this. BiP was my favorite site by FAR. Hope maybe some BiP-style shoots would find their way onto BoundGods or something?
  • It would be nice to hear more from Kink themselves about their new plans, particularly in respect of the gay sites, as we have lost 40% of the gay sites in the last few months.
  • That would be a site for sore eyes
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