30 Minutes of Torment - RIP

Dear Member,

We regret to inform you that we have made the decision to end the filming of 30 Minutes of Torment. Currently, we are focusing on and making new content for new sites in 2015. In order to make this possible, 30 Minutes of Torment will no longer be updated with new content, effective 10-28-2014. For those who still want to enjoy access to this site's archived content, we will still be hosting 30 Minutes of Torment and offering subscriptions.

We want to continue to be the place you come to for hot, kinky content. Please stay tuned for our new and exciting content coming your way in 2015, along with our currently updating KinkMen sites: BoundGods.com, NakedKombat.com and MenOnEdge.com.

If you have a currently-active subscription to 30MinutesofTorment.com, we would like to offer you some options.

We can transfer the remainder of the time you have already paid for on 30MinutesofTorment.com to another KinkMen site of your choosing. (Please note that this only applies to other KinkMen sites to which you are not currently subscribed.) If this is the option you choose, please reply to this email and tell us which one site you would prefer.


We can refund you the pro rated remainder of the time you have already paid for, starting today (10-28-2014), to the credit card or ACH account you used to subscribe.


We can refund you the equivalent in Kinks of the pro rated remainder of the time you have already paid for, starting today (10-28-2014), usable on www.kinkondemand.com.

Please email [email protected] and tell us which one of the options above you would prefer. Thank you again for your support and appreciation. It's been a pleasure bringing 30 Minutes of Torment to you.



  • How very disappointing to hear this news. Van, wasn't there some type of competition involved with the winner being announced at the end of the year and this person would receive some type of prize? Are you still following through with this promise since I am sure the models would appreciate it and they certainly have earned it.

  • Van can you transfer my subscription to boundgods please?
  • Also, will we get to see the liveshow posted for Doug acre from a few weeks back. I really want to see it but had to work. Is there a way you'll be posting that soon? I'd like to see it but don't want to be subscribed to a site with no updates.
  • Hi Van - could you please transfer my subscription to Naked Combat? Many thanks
  • Although boundgods did not update today? What is going on?
  • Van - can you transfer my subscription to Bound Gods please.
  • Can I transfer to Bound Gods, many thanks.
  • first you make me leave this site saying you are going to stop, and now you make this great shoot with Connor Maguire, and i cant see it :(
    wish there was a way to transfer the membership after you stopped... bound gods is good too, but just not the same as this one-on-one torment... keep up the great work Van, you are my inspiration.
  • WTF. First they state 30 Minutes of Torment will no longer be updated with new content, effective 10-28-2014. So option is to transfer to another of the offerings. Went to Bound Gods which is fine but not quite the same. Now there is a new shoot on 30 Minutes. So what gives. Is that the last and final final new content video to be posted or have they changed their minds again?
  • Yes, I have a similar "problem". There are some updates that I am interested in, but I don't want to subscribe again without knowing what the future will bring. I hope we will soon learn more about Kinks plans for 2015. Maybe there will be a way for Kink members to somehow get to the content of the cancelled sites.
  • There is a easy solution: Go to the shoot you would like to have and click on BUY SHOOT. You will be re-directed to the KINK ON DEMAND site. If you click on WATCH, you should see a pop up with two options: JOIN THE SITE or BUY. Click on BUY - if you have kinks on your account, another pop up window appears and informs you about the price for the shoot. Click OK and you have bought the shoot and you can download it immediately. It will also be stored in your libary so you can watch it again on the site or download it again in the future.
  • Yes, I know. But to be honest: I don't understand why people buy single shoots, its much more expensive than becoming a member. I can get all the shoots with a one month membership for a few dollars, so why pay as much for only one? I did that in the beginning to see how things work and if I would like the content. If there is no other offer from Kink, I will wait some more month until all the 30M and BiP updates are available via KinkMenArchive.
  • are they putting these on kinkmenarchive? i contacted them and got no clear answer, technically they should already have started posting them? or am i just missing them?
  • Van please transfer my 30 minutes of torment to bound gods
  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • kinkmen is 1 year its different
  • I hope someone sees this. I was wondering if the harness used in 30 Minutes of Torture with Jay Rising is available for purchase?
  • Is/will 30 Minutes Of Torment be available in Kink Men Archive?
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