To Ariel X I present to you a Match up Idea

I have an idea for US and wanted to run it by you, "The best 2 out of 3" where the competitors could have multiple one on one matches with each other but they be counted as one match on their win/lose record. It could go up to 3 matches so that one could lose 1 match , but still be the official winner if they won the other 2 matches.

it could be a way for some wrestlers to get fucked but still be the winners of their matches.

Because some wrestlers are just too good for just one match with each other :)
IE- Ariel X, Syd Blakovich, Mistress Kara ect... I'm sure lots of fans would love to see multiple "grudge match" style matches with wrestlers of such awesome levels.


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    pardon the communique -just wanted to b clear on ur suggestion and give some feedbac...
    if im interpreting ur premise correctly u r presenting the best of 3 'falls' scenario
    stretched out over a period(npi) of time...
    so if correct, then yes it would allow for a loss then an added heightened expectation
    (for some) what will happen if she loses again...or wins....and consequences to b determined in rds 4,8,12....(or however many rounds in each 'fall')....

    the down-side would be logistical - less availability to c more varied wrestlers....the timing to bring the Models together (fitting their schedules together) - the Models additional consent to such....etc....and so on...

    overall interesting but (imo) a Featured Fantasy Production and/or a 'scripted' match
    which Ariel has indicated if she ever did a 'scripted' site she would be open to such ideas...

    if anyone reading this is UN-familiar w/ Models mentioned
    Mistress KARA chk her KINK Model profile
    [karas kink model profile]

    Ariel X, Syd Blakovich
    [model profile]

    if u wish to speak with Mistress KARA thru KINK Live Shows
    Dont forget to 'fav' her and/or msg her......
    (Note: u can still do either even if she is NOT On-Line atm)

    Ultimate Surrender - KINK Web-site


  • If one was to lose 2 times in a row, then the match would be over. and the winner would have a "flawless victory" so to say, but there would be no reason to go beyond 3 matches it could be as short as 2 matches or up to 3 but not more than that.

    Mainly and idea to replace the standard "Rematch" (If both wrestlers would agree to a rematch of course) so that an undisputed winner and loser could be named between the two wrestlers. and their official win loss record would reflect the over all outcome of the "2 out of 3 falls" instead of just the first match.
  • So if both agreed to a rematch right after the first fight was over, then the win/loss of that match would not go on either wrestlers record, the winner and loser would not be official until the outcome of the following rematches.
  • One problem with any shoots that have long breaks is getting everyone in place for the rematch if its like the U.K. the models are busy ladies and you need to book well in advance jh/uk
  • This would mainly be to give a rematch more significance as it would reflect the results of the follow up math/matches on the official win/loss record of each participant instead of reflecting the outcome of their first match. (Again this would depend on both wrestlers agreeing to a rematch during the end interview of their first fight)
  • sound good idea for bringing real competition as long 1 wrestler win the 2 matches in a row will be a winner and move on to meet another challenger and if she lost 1 match then the 3rd match will be a final to settle it.

    i have a suggestion for this idea what if it will be applied to be as a league or special exhibition matches over the month and the competition with more porn stars on us mat
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  • The milf matches I do are very similar to this. We have 3 girls go at it but it's just 1 round. We do no have them do full singles matches.
  • The milf matches I do are very similar to this. We have 3 girls go at it but it's just 1 round. We do no have them do full singles matches.
    Yeah I think that's the layout meant here but why not have a champion style one with say ariel, Darling, Mistress Kara for example

  • The champion on the milf matches has to do 2 on 1..which is Always fun LOL..
  • The Milf match is one of the best on offer - absolutely love it. The 2-on-1 action gets really rapey, so love it more
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