Very sad

Its very sad to see BIP go. But thank you Sebastian and Van for all your outstanding work and dedication for all these years. I hope you guys continue to work somewhere else creating the best porn. Its really silly for Kink to remove threads about the decision to stop BIP forever. Very childish that you cant compliment the site and express sadness and outrage that it is no longer going to be on Kink anymore. We the fans pay your salary Trying to shut us up is pretty silly and sad.


  • Just canceled my subscriptions. You really should stop selling subscriptions when no new content is going to be forthcoming. Posting old videos as new ones is a crime.
  • i got an email offering a subscription to bound in public at a special price through the weekend of 11/08 which is not honored when i get to the site through link. i wrote customer service and got a response from Courtney saying she would mention it to marketing and that i should post my "suggestion" to this forum. this is not a suggestion, the subscription link is not working. then i get here and find you are not posting new content, when the site i currently pay for (30 Minutes of ...) is not producing new content either. What gives? what gay Kink site is producing new content? And why aren't you forthcoming and honest with your customers? Years ago I subscribed to Butt Machine... and it too stopped producing new content, yet i've remained a customer for years. I'm disappointed to say the least. Get it fixed!
  • Chrisiam2014, please read Van's post regarding this here:

    You can transfer the remainder of your existing subscription to other KinkMen sites by emailing [email protected]
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