My Request : "You Own Me" Fantasy Feature Sequel

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Copied from my post in Hogtied's forum. Didn't want to neglect my Ultimate Surrender brethren. ;) I am curious how many US fans branched out to watch this update.


This was a FANTASTIC crossover video thanks to Ariel X and Gia_DiMarco. Two sexy women with great chemistry and a wonderfully creative story. I can't be the only one wanting a sequel, right? Perhaps a new story picks up with Ariel X, exhausted mentally and physically from numerous sexual escapades and confinements, being led back to the Ultimate Surrender mats to face Gia DiMarco again. The Assassin is too drained and mentally unfocused to triumph. A taunting Gia has her gleeful, humiliating way as she locks Ariel in painful holds and reverses and thwarts the veteran's efforts. What say ye?


  • Interesting.image :)
  • I say yes! anything to see Gia Dimarco back on the mats again :-)
  • Sounds good to me!
  • Gia in her last shoot was expecting so she will be a busy lady for a while Gia s long absence from U/S means a return is not likly but she is a true star at KINK.
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    To: gomur ยท
    very iffy subject
    presuming u r new to all that KINK offers
    U-S members arent really that much enthralled by 'outside' events that take place off the mat -surprisingly enuf....
    Recently, a controversy over such was encountered due to a PD/U-S shoot
    the cross-over idea was met with a lot of disdain from many U-S members for many varied reasons (read thru the U-S Forum posts and u may get some idea)
    Even Ariel posted she was somewhat miffed as to y....
    also type in 'crossover' 'cross-over' 'cross over' in the SEARCH box(top r/h crnr) to c all the various combinations there r for many of the KINK Sites concerning ideas like ur basic premise there is that hurdle -even though u r just tryin to append the basic story-line...

    overall its a good idea(imo) although it may have to b re-casted...but ur idea is plausible

    so as to "What say ye?" dont b surprised if there isnt a whole lot of 'orgasmic' craze and
    just in the Forums there isnt a whole lot of support made... which in and by itself doesnt mean a whole lot....actual replies for or against are minimal compared to the 'apathetic' -dont care- interesting but y bother to associate their name for something they r only mildly interested in and dont want negative criticism...etc.. the absence of response from those who just read far outweighs those who comment.... even members of the various sites (of whom many dont even know-care and/or are not aware of the Forums) these donot even care to participate...then u have KOD users who barely comment on the vids they purchase....there r many varied reasons y there arent too many that participate more than a few times here...

    All that being said -One thing for sure those @ KINK who have input on decision making toward/for the individual KINK Sites Productions do read the Forums (even though it can seem as though they dont) and they do take everything seriously...

    So ur questions asked r good as well as ur suggestion(s) -im sure as KINK is doing with experimenting what flies and what doesnt u may c something to that/this affect...
    (at least there is hope...)

    here is a post made sometime bak similar to ur thotz and refers to this shoot u r referencing -thnx for bringing it up again...

    ohh i c this is 1 of 2 Threads and so far this one has most replies (to date)
    so being new keep on suggesting/commenting (just dont overly repeat -place a 'Link' -in ur Main post, if necessary, to involve similar idea -or just put in Suggestions Forum...KINK Moderators and other Members would be most appreciative of ....)

    welcome aboard

    "You Own Me" A fantasy feature abduction film: A story of brutal revenge & sexual mental domination


    ODDLY - It did receive great reviews when originally Updated in Jan 2012

    who knows all things considered KINK could decide & try to develop a FANTASY
    mini-idea for us ppl who enjoy to watch girls laying it all on the line and also indulge in some extra-curricular activity as well.... soundz Kinky 2 me....

  • Bump!

    Sorry, I noticed the lovely Ariel X responding to a few posts. I thought maybe she'd be available to chime in on my request 3 months old as it is. :)
  • DO the 'powers that be' see these posts and consider them?
  • Hogtied is severe test. To pass it not everyone is able.
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