Change up Mistress Kara's matches

I really think Mistress Kara needs to be matched up against a heavier weight class that has more experience wrestling. So far she's only lost twice in tag matches and her solo wins. Have been against women she beaten before to where now her wins. Look more like handicaps where is the fun in going against someone. You already know you can win further more her attitude in a previous tag match has made her arrogant.

Now I don't know whether this was her way of trash talking because Ariel X rubbed in. That Kara lost without even fighting thus keeping her self confidence up. Or if she developed an ego due to her win solo win streak which has he thinking the only reason. That she lost was due to the team she was on. Hence her response during her first loss which either way you slice it makes her look bad.

Don't mistake my words here for bashing Kara I am a long time martial artist and I am simply speaking out. As words of encouragement toward Kara she has skill ,but as I said earlier here. After seeing Kara beat the same wrestlers it gets boring and the fun is gone once you. Are able to predict the outcome like last week I said Kara would win Summer Vengance and tonight she did.

Seeing Kara win all the time has the excitement in her matches gone as much as I like seeing Kara win. I think it would be fun seeing her be dominated in a few solo Round 4's maybe some Vet's like Ariel,Darling,Syd,or Wenona could help with that. I bet if Dragonlily came back Kara would easily lose.



  • Sorry I disagree. We should accept that Kara is just the strongest and best wrestler at U. S. at the moment and that she destroys even the best other wrestlers on U. S. like Cheyenne Jewel and Izamar. I don' t find her matches boring, because it's really hot and entertaining to watch Kara and especially her opponents like Cheyenne and Izamar who try everything not to get destroyed on the mat but without success. Cheyenne and Izamar gave all but Kara just overpowered and wiped the floor with both. And the way she humiliated "Zero Points" was really entertaining, sorry.
    No handicaps for Kara, no two or three girls vs. Kara please! I want to see fair matches one vs. one and may the stronger girl win and this is Kara at the moment. I have no problem like other members with this fact. I look forward to seeing what Kara does with Ariel in rd 4.
  • I am looking forward to see the match Kara vs. Ariel.It is going to be great to see Ariel's first orgasm on the mat.
  • We are bound to get a dominant wrestler Ariel Syd Vendetta Nina and so on its not there fault just enjoy there talent jh/uk
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    more than likely - a fantasy grudge match (as Gia did such with Ariel) will b all that KINK will offer, if any, and that would of course require Mistress K's consent- and a lot of thought on how to make it cum -a- 'bout.... there r so many variables & unknowns we r not privy to...Unless retirement w/ no cum-bac is in the cardz for MK and/or a 'fantasy' script is provided for..or a challenger that can overcome her abilities then U-S will be exactly that, a girl who is willing to risk her vulnerabilities to the Queen of the mat--- and the grueling rd4 'funishment' where everybody wins incldg the fans/members.....the Ultimate Surrender....

    But dont count Ariel X out in this KINKy biziness u never know....

  • Phil I have to completely disagree with you on Kara she's not the "Queen" she's only got six wins. Darling,Ariel,and Dragonlily have 30+ wins and Kara has this attitude "I'll never lose". When she's barely done any matches not to mention most of her matches. Are wrestlers she's already beaten hence the handicap she hasn't even faced half of the roster.
  • Every wrestler has the I will never lose attitude at the start of a match Mistress Kara is
    at present the most all round gifted lady competing if Sophia had been in the rosta
    things may have been different.Mistress Kara is a great talent and a beautiful lady so just enjoy jh/uk.
  • This is a great discussion on the pros and cons of having a dominant wrestler like Kara reigning over the US mats. Kara has defeated the challengers and achieved a well deserved Summer Vengeance Championship. However, the question is: where does Kara go from here? At 5'7" and 155 lbs, Kara is obviously the biggest, heaviest and strongest wrestler at US. Having proven that she can easily defeat all the US competitors (save Ariel, which shall be the next most anticipated match), Kara's only prospects for continued glory on the mat are dependent upon finding a competitor of equal size and strength against which to test her skills. Since no such competitors currently exist on the roster, I think it only logical to find a way to handicap Kara in singles matches until such time that a larger competitor can be found.

    The problem with collegiate style wrestling in this case is that the rules were really developed for competition between opponents of roughly equal size and weight. If you wish to have wrestlers of significantly different size and weight classes compete against one another, then you have to liberalize the rules somewhat to give the smaller opponent an opportunity to compete. Since that isn't realistic for this form of competition, then you have to consider other alternatives.

    I appears that everyone would like to see Kara continue wrestling in a competative manner, so the question then becomes how to handicap her in such a way that makes the matches more equitable. My first suggestion would be to challenge Kara to loose 5 or 10 lbs of weight before competing against another lighter weight opponent. (And NO, I'm not saying that Kara is fat.) High school wrestlers regularly drop 5 or even 10 pounds of weight over the course of a season in order to compete in a lighter weight class. This might be enough to give skilled wrestlers like Izamar and Cheyenne a chance of competing when they aren't suffering from a 10 or 15 lb weight disadvantage. This would also advance Kara's prestige as a skilled wrestler and not simply a larger wrestler if she were able to continue winning at a lighter weight.

    Alternatively, you could consider altering the rules slightly for matches where the wrestlers were disproportionately sized. One option would be to reduce the time period for which the dominant wrestler would maintain control over her opponent from 1 minute 30 seconds to only a minute. This would give the smaller opponent more opportunities to regain control during the course of the match and limit the amount of time that the dominant wrestler could score points. You could also liberalize the rules for the smaller opponent only such as allowing leg scissors for defense which would make it more difficult for Kara to achieve total dominance. Another option would be a two on one competition where two smaller competitors could tag team in an out of the match at will in order to challenge Kara's fitness and wear her down sufficiently to take control. I would be hesitant to change the points structure arbitrarily for such a match since doing so would not improve the competition on the mat. These are just a few suggestions. I'm sure fans will have many more.

    I would very much like to see Kara compete against another wrestler of similar size and skill.
  • The truth is with such a limited rosta a varied one we see a lot of matches were one opponent is larger stonger or more skilled than the other. But due to the toughness
    of the site we also have a large turnover of wrestlers. And with a new season starting
    we will see a lot of one sided matches as the new wrestlers are given there training matches against the skilled wrestlers. Mistress Kara may well be one of them jh/uk
  • Since this post it's been two and half years. Kara has 16 wins and she is like a predatory shark swallowed almost all registry. Some of his opponents won more than once. She twice won Summer Vengeance is the absolute champion in his weight class. A lot of girls, like potato chips, are beginning to crackle on her lips before going on stage. It is possible to love and hate, admire and despise it, but to be honest - except for Ariel rivals Kara no. Even I'm willing to admit it. I don't think DragonLily, Wenona or Darling would be able to argue with that. Therefore, I am very sorry that left Syd. I think it's on pair with Ariel could make worthy competition to the Kara and add a few ones to count her losses. Of course there is much talk on the subject of how to complicate the lives of the Kara in the arena, but it will all be reduced to the usual trivial. My opinion is that Kara needs to choose opponents on the basis of its features and also strengths and weaknesses. To do that're not easy, because many local models do not have this experience struggle. As experience shows the same Ariel - win Kara is possible only in the case that the maximum use of its strengths against it + add to it their own potential. Try to anticipate the possible moves of Kara and avoid prolonged fuss in the stalls. Don't fall into her traps. To be able to concentrate on it. And most importantly - you need to have banal desire to win and fighting spirit.
  • I understand that my opinion may be some of the local inhabitants to be treated as absurd, but I still express. I would really like to see the match Syd vs Kara. Deeply convinced that he could become a real decoration of the entire U/S and a firm part of his story. Demonic, despotic, sadistic Syd versus ambitious, self-confident and proud of Kara.
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  • Sadly I'm afraid that Syd has retired and now only appears as a referee. She did run a club for a while that trained aspiring female wrestlers, but I have heard nothing about it for a some time.
  • As to bad... As in this case - "MK hegemony" (for some fortunately, for others unfortunately) will continue.
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  • In order to compete with Kara - Kelli, the first is to begin compete with Cheyenne, Izamar, Savannah, Bella. And this would be extremely difficult.
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  • Haven't seen much of MK lately. Anyone know what she's doing?
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  • Haven't seen much of MK lately. Anyone know what she's doing?
    She sells appearance in front of the cameras))Cz1GRzMUUAAjW9Y
  • I'd like 2 know as well...nothing since her August match vs Cheyenne
    I think it was great to see Kara in t/t match. She paired with Savannah Fox ver. Izamar & Cheyenne.
  • I guess I must have missed that match. Been out of town a lot. When was that match posted?
  • Looks like Kara can't decide whether she wants to grow her hair back or not. I don't get the half shaved head look. Seems more like a reflection of a schitzo-phrenic personality rather than something stylish. Guess I'm just a prude.
  • It's like that old advertisement. One half of the head washed with simple shampoo, the other - special. Here is result)))))
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  • Mistress Kara doesn't need to make herself look more butch with a short cropped haircut. She already has a fairly muscular and dominating physique. Her previously long hair softened her dominant look somewhat and contrasted well with her physical strength by accentuating her feminine side. After all, she does call herself "Mistress" Kara.

    Part of the attraction of dominant females is the contrast between strength and weakness. Some petite and feminine women provide this contract by being strong and dominating. Other women like Mistress Kara who are physically strong and dominating can provide a similar contrast by being more feminine and sensual. The beauty is in the contradiction in ones mind between what one expects and what one experiences. Mistress Kara's short hair may reinforce her dominant nature, but it also clearly projects that image and therefore eliminates that possibility of surprise which unfortunately deprives the viewer of the excitement created in the contrast between the sub-conscious expectation and the perceived reality.
  • Dominant nature is genetically transmitted and is laid in the person at birth. But as "cosmetic repair" and all sorts of experiments on their own appearance here is not so simple, because in the pursuit of new image can completely lose sense of his style and, over time, turn into bad line-up of biomass.
  • She is much prettier with longer hair. I also don't like the 1 side shaved look
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