Blackout Contact Lenses?

Wasn't there a PD shoot a while back where the girl wore blackout lenses? I'd love to see that again.


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    public disgrace snippet01

    heres 1
    Tall Blonde Amateur Gets Fucked While Wearing Blackout Contact Lenses - She Can't See a Thing!!
    May 20, 2011 - Princess Donna Dolore , Mark Davis and Natasha Lynimage>>>

    if interested

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    bobbi starr paint 02
    w/ Bobbi Starr -
    kink link:

    [ also]

    wired pussy logo snippet02
    The Cattleprod
    Sep 23, 2012 - Performers: Princess Donna Dolore and Mz Berlin
    .........Then her sight is taken away by the blackout contact lenses, while Princess Donna helps her get over her fear of the cattleprod. .....

    KINKy Link:

    just to mention a few..... for any one interested.....

  • yw-anytime....
  • Natasha Lyn: Public Disgrace #12412. Simply beautiful.
  • good to see the shoot for disgrace, would like to be in one myself :(|)
  • i saw that film aand if i remember princess donna before had her show her pussy is clean and when it came to her asshsole she had her insert her long finger and show her the asshole is and was clean and smelled good
  • It was a good of the older ones too!
  • On the news today I saw a story about these contact lenses. Don't wear these as part of your Halloween costume. They are not like real contact lenses and they may be contaminated so putting these things in your eyes is a super dumb idea.

    Hmmmmm , If Princess Donna inserted her long finger in my asshole, I believe that would be a good thing.
    JUst thinking about it gives me a warm fuzzy!

  • While this is definitely a lovely video, it could be better without the black contact lenses. The model just looks like she has very dark brown eyes. The story doesn't make sense.
    They would do better if she just had too much to drink at that bar and while she has her head turned The Princess drops rohypnol into her drink winks at us. The blonde slut passes out and as soon as she does some guy puts a piece of duct tape over her eyes. The other guys pull her dress off. While he is wrapping duct tape around her wrists the guys remove her underwear and then do all those naughty things to her. The a man with an unusually thick penis rams it down her throat The bartender says that she is not moving at all and she has no gag reflex, I think you killed her. The Princess brings over the cattle prod and says "if this won't wake her up nothing will". When she is goosed with the prod she shudders and mumbles something. Then Princess Donna says "pick her up guys, we'd better take her to the toilet and hold her head over it to make sure she doesn't choke on her own vomit."
    Then she looks at the camera and says "the moral of this story is, ladies please don't get drunk unless you are at home or some place where you can trust all the people there. Now we call this slut the porcupine because if she had as many sticking out of her as were stuck in her, that is what she'd look like. For her this is just one more gang bang. But, if YOU don't like gang bangs, be careful how much you drink. Tomorrow she is gonna wake up and her butt-hole is gonna hurt like hell and she will wonder why."
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